How to Get Fit and Stay Fit: Top Tips for Motivating Yourself at the Gym


Having finally signed up for that gym membership you’ve been threatening to get for the past X amount of months/years, now’s the time to fully focus on the fitness plan ahead.

But with so many temptations, distractions and other commitments to juggle, how can you make sure this time is the time you get fit and stay fit?

Here are some of our top tips for motivation that are sure to get you through those darker “I just can’t be bothered” days:

Get a Friend or Your Partner Involved

To make sure you go to the gym on certain days of the week or attend those fitness classes, ask a friend or family member if they want to join up with you. That way, you’re going to be letting someone else down if you don’t do it.

Just knowing that you have someone else relying on you will give your motivation levels a real good boost. Plus, if there’s a little touch of rivalry and competition between you both (who can hit their weight/fitness goals the quickest), that will push you even harder as well.

Let Your Favorite Artists Get You Through Each Session

While it’s easy for us to say, “You’ll feel so much better if you go the gym,” there are going to be days when it’s hard work and you wonder whether it’s all worth it.

However, find out what gives you a positive feel when you’re working out.

For many, this involves listening to music. Create a playlist full of uplifting, workout-friendly songs, put your beats headphones on and watch as the minutes fly by as you lose yourself in the music. You may even find it therapeutic to listen to audio books, while you’re running long distances, for example.

Set Yourself Goals and Keep Reviewing Them

Another way to make sure you’re constantly driving yourself forward is to set goals for the short- and long-term.

It’s so hard to stay motivated, especially at the beginning when everything feels like such hard work. In the short-term, it feels hard to focus on those long-term benefits you’ll reap if you continue with this regimen.

A couple of weeks down the line and you may feel like you’re not achieving anything. However, staying determined and driven will help you start recognizing and enjoying those amazing benefits – trust us.

To keep this positivity, try creating a list of what you want to get out of your fitness program. And one great way to see the benefits that you maybe don’t notice just by looking in the mirror is to take pictures of yourself once a week. Comparing these against each other will make you realize just how well you’re getting on. It’s always surprising to look back at photos because on a day-to-day basis as your body changes, you might not notice how far you’ve come.

Ultimately, retaining motivation in your fitness regime shouldn’t be difficult. It just takes some planning, figuring out what works for you and determination to achieve that fitness goal in X amount of weeks/months.


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