Biggest Website Blunders that are Costing you Leads


While the saying goes that the book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, the hard reality is that most people do. However, it is true when it comes to your website. While every business desires to have a well-designed website which puts them in the best light, it is expected to hit all the right marks: be responsive, presentable and should precisely reflect the overall branding message of the company. In fact, all of the above-mentioned aspects are essential in today’s digital world.

So is your website grabbing visitors or is noticeable enough to seek their attention? Is it doing a good job of capturing leads and generating sales and profit? A worthy website does this and much more.

  • Typically, it acts as a source for new prospects, leads and moves forward through the sales funnel.
  • Sets you high for the go-to resource in the industry.
  • Increases productivity and also credibility with the audience.

If your respective website manages to hit the above-mentioned marks, then you surely are in trouble. Here is some top website mistake that may be costing you leads and how to resolve them.

Prolong Loading Time

Check for the stats on any of the subjects and you will find out that web visitors have extremely short attention spans. Those websites that take too long to load may lose up to 40% visitors within the first 10-15 seconds whether they are switching to another website or another page of your website. The amount of time taken by your website to load is directly proportional to the clients it may grab or loose.

Consider the below-mentioned tips for optimizing your website and retaining visitors for a longer duration:

Reduce the image size, eliminate unnecessary pages that are slowing down your site. For instance, if you use WordPress, check to figure out if you actually need all the plugins installed.

Stale website content

Your website depicts your business and, therefore, you need to make a good first impression with an engaging content. Assume that you have a great website design. Once a visitor starts to read the content, it should be up to par with the products you are selling. In addition, avoid the common mistakes like typo errors and grammatical mistakes. Also, proofread the complete article and website content before posting it. Prefer hiring a professional content writer or copywriter to take advantages of his skills making your website an engaging one. Here are the areas to look for on your website:

  • Product page

Make the descriptions crisp and entertaining especially if the products are monotonous and complex. Keep the content easy to digest.

  • Landing pages

Use compelling headings, subheadings, images and also actionable CTAs to draw the attention of the user.

  • About us pages

Make the visitors know about the quality of the product you offer, personality and qualification of your organization’s management team flaunting they are professional, knowledgeable and real.

You are unable to publicize social media presence

Today everyone is on social media, especially clients and they expect the businessmen to be too. So when you aren’t, they are disconnected from you. Lead generation means creation and maintenance of relationships with people so poor social media presence will lead to less no relationship building opportunity. Following are ways you can boost the social media presence of your business:

  • Spot your leads and then target them on the same network through social media platform.
  • Post relevant content, images, etc. to your leads on social media pages. Get updates regarding market trends. Share informative contents if any.
  • Add multiple links to social media network to your website in both header and footer of the website and anywhere else you think it is useful.

Your business blog is too corporate

The blog is a great way to create relationships with visitors, giving them a behind the scene look at people who work at your company as well as their thoughts. But if it is full of press releases and other boring promotional marketing content, chances are there no one will want to read it.

To make things more interesting, create an editorial calendar and pen down the topics that would interest your leads. For relevant ideas look for social media accounts and see what is popular. If you still didn’t get any clue, look for the customer service representatives and see what customers want to fetch. Create content that catches the attention of the audience and keeps them engaged.

Success in today’s world stems from having each part of the business firing on all cylinder which means your business website should do exceptionally well. Inspect your website for the above mention blunders. Once you have addressed them all, you will be on your way to capturing maximum leads.


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