Baking At Home: Yummy Pastries, Sweets, and Treats You Can Try Making


We all know the feeling of you being stuck with no treats to serve to unexpected guests or some spontaneous celebration. Mayhaps you even forgot about that local bake sale that goes on once a week. So why don’t we solve that dilemma of yours? There are plenty of shortcut recipes that you can find scattered around online!

In this article, the recipes we present to you are some of those stated shortcut recipes to get you those treats to satisfy any sweet tooth in a quick jiffy! Get ready for a flurry of links to recipes that you’re going to jot down in your recipe book – don’t forget to stay unique and add your own little twists to the food that we’re going to present to you!

Friendly to Those Who Want to Start Baking!

Don’t worry if you think that the recipes we’re going to share with you will be exclusive to those with special tools – no! We’re not going to be the type of people who will not give everyone a good time at home while baking! We’re aiming to satisfy everyone, so don’t fret about those little baker’s specialist tools!

Even if we did include some recipes that require some unique baking tools, a quick trip to the store can solve that issue – or maybe you could even socialize and call a neighbor? Or maybe improvise and go D.I.Y. tool!

If you’re new to baking and the whole culinary scene, no one is going to take hits at you! Everyone is pretty much helpful to everyone in the culinary community! You have home cooks giving their own tips and tricks through youtube videos.

Quick & Easy Sweet Treats

We can’t fit much into this article. Still, we will be giving you details of all of the treats listed in this article, so you can always get long and detailed explanations through the actual recipe – almost like a cheat sheet for everyone! There’s going to be something here for everyone! From a fruit-filled dessert to a decadent cake with lots of cream and chocolate!

Homemade Mochi

I know you’ve heard of this dessert from somewhere before – it might be familiar, it might not! All I know is that once you’ve tried it, you’re going to love it! The charm of mochi all lies within its texture! It’s really soft, really chewy, and quite elastic-y; you’re going to be reminded of a not-so-sweet gummy candy. You can find out more about mochi on

The mochi itself doesn’t have quite the pronounced flavor – not unless you have flavored the dough, and there’s a lot of flavorings in the world! You can get your mochi flavored or stuffed, which adds to its versatile beauty! This is more popular with the Asian palate since it’s not so sweet, unlike the decadent American desserts!

Banana Cream Pie

Don’t be fooled by the word “pie” this tasty treat doesn’t really require to bake anything in an oven – like most traditional pies do! It’s full of old-fashioned flavors – if you’re into lots of cream, vanilla, and bananas, then this delicious treat is definitely right up your alley! The best part about it is that it doesn’t take much preparation time either!

Though this Banana Cream Pie might seem like it’s overloaded on sweetness, the fresh bananas you layer in and atop the pie will definitely offset all of that artificial sweeteners and sugars in the pie. You know why it’s so quick to make? Because it uses instant pudding!

Rice Krispy Bar

The internet is probably already loaded with lots of recipes on how to make Rice Krispy bars, so no one’s complaining if you just take that recipe and add your own flair to it! One more recipe wouldn’t hurt anyone! This recipe features less Rice Krispies and more marshmallowy fillers, so you’ll have a chewier but still sweet and crunchy treat!

Oreo Cheesecake

Everyone has a huge craving for something silky, smooth, and very decadent every now and then, right? Because I know I do! So there’s no better solution to that craving other than this very sweet and very delicious No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake! Though you can pretty much substitute the oreo for other delicious cookies that you want to try out!

I mean, who doesn’t love a good cookies N cream situation? In one way, shape or form, you have at least enjoyed something of the sort, and don’t you dare lie to yourself! If you’ve tried this heavenly concoction, then there’s no need to be ashamed of it!


Don’t be too shy to start baking or even no-baking your tasty desserts! Since all of these recipes can be made right in the comfort of your home, but only do so when you have the right ingredients! Although it’s good to enjoy these treats, too much sweets can ruin your teeth. Eat with moderation and keep tasting awesome food!


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