Valentine’s Break in Magical and Virikson Morocco


It’s ironical that with every passing minute of life, we tend to remain busy in making money and holding hatred. Satisfying the needs but in all this scenario, we forgot to prioritize our life needs. Responsibilities fall in the top while love is just an optional factor in the list. Things that should be on the top are falling behind, the world you promised to your spouse is completely different and unknowingly, you’re merely making it miserable. Well, it is quite obvious that life doesn’t revolve around the moments of love only, practically it grows when couples stand by every thick and thin. But one should realize that coming out of every storm or achieving something together should be celebrated. So, this Valentine, surprise your spouse and plan a romantic holiday in Morocco.

The country is stunningly beautiful. Although it holds on to its cultural trends very closely couples can still spend some quality time with each other. There are few exotic places to get Romantic with your significant other. Have a look!!

Valentine’s Break Morocco

1. Deafening silence of Sahara

Love is not bound by words. It is also there when words fall short and the soul itself express that immense feeling. Camping at the Sahara Desert can do the magic, you don’t need to break the silence but feel it and let your soul guide you in the direction. This special moment needs you to silence your mind and heart.


2. Romantic time in Marrakech

Marrakech is the real gateway to Romance. This is the place for crazy lovers, candlelight dinners, Romantic hammams, chaotic places to shop and spend time together exploring the ‘Red City’ of Morocco. Walk around while holding hands and shopping from the maze-like medinas of city, I am sure she’ll be more than happy for spending your money. (You should love her for this because it keeps you motivated in office).

Romantic time in Marrakech

3. Stunning scenery of Chefchaouen

Though I traveled to the city all alone I can bet that it is going to give you the most memorable tour of your life. This city shows the reason for calling Morocco “magical Morocco”. Locals have decked their houses in an amazing manner. This Blue city is all about cool vibes due to its color and everything seems perfect.

Stunning scenery of Chefchaouen

4. Quality time at the beaches of Essaouira

Away from the hustle bustle of medinas, you can enjoy some time relaxing at the beaches or just select some water sports and fun activities to make your time most memorable. Surfing, horseback riding, and many other activities can add fun and complement your Valentine’s trip to Morocco.

Quality time at the beaches of Essaouira

5. Escaping from the city to Agafay Desert

Quiet and peaceful experience, enjoy riding in the desert, replenish your belly with delicious dinner then spend the night camping under the stars curling up with your life partner. It is the most romantic way to value the presence of a kind partner in your life.

Escaping from the city to Agafay Desert

Apart from these romantic ideas, you can add up some spice to the tour by choosing trekking of Atlas Mountains. Asking me, I would suggest you choose dessert and Mountain trekking. One might not find it that romantic but trust mean ‘adventurous romantic tour’ have a priceless view of life. It is most memorable and you’ll cherish it for the rest of your life.


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