World Events Worth Visiting in 2018


If you haven’t planned your getaway for 2018 you might as well start right now! You kind of missed the Carnevale di Venezia in Venice, Italy that is taking place until February 13, but that’s no reason to be upset because there’s a lot more stuff happening around the world that you can take part in. So, check  out the following world-wide “must see” events in 2018 that you are just in time for booking arrangements.

Winter Olympics in South Korea

This year the South Korean traditional ancient temples are going to meet the modern and futuristic sporting equipment. Starting February 9 until 25 the same month, the county of PyeongChang is hosting the world’s most important winter sports event. Featuring multi-sport activities such as ski-jumping, skating and a lot more winter sports that will make you cheer for your favourite team, the Winter Olympics are a great support your country and visit a new place at the same time.

The Lantern Festival – Taiwan

The spring brings one of the world’s most vivid event in Asia – The Taiwan Lantern Festival. Taking place on the fifteenth day of the first month in the l uni solar Chinese calendar, this event is celebrated between 3 and 11 of March in 2018. Marking the last day of the traditional Chinese New Year, the festival has a great significance event and it is celebrated by all generations. In the traditional event that still takes place in Pingxi, villagers release paper lanterns in various shapes but almost all of them being red to symbolize good fortune. The releasing of the lanterns is also a symbol of the people letting go of their own past and getting ready to embrace the new selves.

Lantern Festival

300th Mardi Gras Festival Celebration – New Orleans

The New Orleans festival, also known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, is celebrating the 300th edition year this year. This is the reason why New Orleans will transform itself from an already well- known party-town to what will become a party town all year long. The festival starts on the 9th of February so you’ll have to decide between the Winter Olympics or this one. The streets of New Orleans will be filled with music, jazz, joy and laughter as the parades and endless nights of fun will carry on.

King’s Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The colourful city port of Amsterdam is inviting you to pack your orange outfits and enjoy a genuine Netherland celebration with the occasion of King’s Day. The city of Amsterdam’s population, as well as the tourists, will have the opportunity to participate in a massive street party on the 27th of April. To enhance the fun it brings, the party actually begins the night before and continues into the next day with amazing market stands, boat parties and street food serving local specialities.

Inti Raymi in Cuzco, Peru

The June’s 24 event that you have to attend at least once in a lifetime is the winter solstice celebration in Cuzco, Peru. The amazing Inca civilization has left us more treasures that you have yet discovered and the Inti Raymi or The Sun festival, as it is also known as, the event brings you closer to those ancient times. The re-enactment of the Inca’s tribute to the Sun God, Inti, is an amazing procession starting from the city’s centre to the Sacsayhuaman fortress. Revealing immemorial celebrations, the Cuzco event could be a very good starting point to spend some time in the Andes discovering the ruins of Inca’s most known temple, the Machu Picchu.


Comic Con International in San Diego, USA

Are you a fan of comic books? There is a huge event for you to attend that is taking place in the US this year. It is indeed the biggest pop-culture event in the US and it starts on the 9th of July. Until the 22nd of July, all movie, comic books, sci-fi and cosplay lovers of all kind can delight themselves in San Diego with workshops and autograph signing sessions from their biggest idols such as actors from Game of Thrones or the Marvel Universe films.

115 years of Harley Davidson in Milwaukee, USA

If you haven’t planned a trip to the USA this year you have to get started right away! And make sure you include the Midwest city of Milwaukee where they will celebrate 115 years of Harley Davidson. Even if you have never ridden such a motorcycle before, between the 29th of August and the 2nd of September you will have plenty of occasions to do so and experience what is probably the best motorcycle in the world. Along with the world’s most famous motorcycle brand celebration, you can enjoy open field games, food trucks and stands and also a beer garden along with behind-the-scene visit at the Harley Davidson factory.

Harley Davidson

The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Returning to Europe’s list of events for the year, from August 3 until the 27th, Scotland is another interesting choice if you are looking to enrich your cultural experience. Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival is the most significant cultural event in Europe. Last year participation featured over 53.000 performances of more than 3000 cultural shows covering every related genre from comedy and theatre to grand circus and opera. The city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is hosting most of the performances. A very special occasion to grasp the opportunity to submerge into its history as well and try their fine whiskey.

Oktoberfest Festival – Munich, Germany

You might have already participated in a local Oktoberfest festival since it’s so popular that they chose to turn it into a franchise. But nothing compares with the real deal, German-experience of a true Oktoberfest.

Around Six million beer-enthusiasts attend the most famous beer festival, drinking the same number of million litres of beer. Now, don’t imagine that each participant drinks one litre. As the locals will demonstrate, this statistic can only stay true due to the fact of a lot of ladies that participate and stick with water. You can only serve Munich-brewed beer and some of the breweries here daring all the way back to the 1300s. The festival that beings on the 22nd of September and lasts all the way until the 7th of October is not all about the beer though. All the visitors will be able to treat themselves with local foods, listen to great folk music played by local and international artists and get dressed up in traditional Bavarian outfits.

Actually, if you can afford such a long holiday, it’s a great idea to link the Spanish ‘ Vueltabicycle race that takes place between the 25th of August and the 16th of September with the Oktoberfest festival and continue celebrating the win of your favourite rider with some top-quality German beer.


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