Thinking of Selling Your House? 4 Ways Window Cleaning can Increase Home Value


Ideally, your home should be in top shape before it goes straight to the market, get the best value, and the quickest sale. You need to freshen it from the inside and out so that it retains its cleanliness and appeal to prospective buyers.

Upgrades are sometimes not worth the investment if you cannot get the money back when selling your home. But making updates to make it look tidy and bright improves buyers’ interest and will land you a quick sale.

That’s precisely where professional window cleaning comes in. In this post, we will give you a walkthrough on how window cleaning can improve your home value.

No Replacements Needed

Other home remodeling websites endorse the idea that replacing your windows is a great move to add value to your home. After all, windows can bring in natural light into space and an appealing aesthetic for prospects.

But ask yourself, do you have to replace your current windows if it is already getting the job done? Is it worth the extra money?

If your windows are professionally cleaned regularly, replacements should not even cross your mind. Keep in mind that cleaning your windows is more than just wiping them with a traditional window cleaner.

According to Maidsailors, “Professionals usually have the necessary equipment to remove dust and water stains that are stuck in the glass.

“Doing so allows the maximum amount of natural light to pass through. After washing both sides of the glass, it is thoroughly cleaned to take off any etching as well as other imperfections that blocks off the sun.”

Professionally treated windows will always have a brand-new shine and will cast your home as much natural light as possible.

Bragging Rights

Regular window cleaning significantly improves your home value, mainly because prospects love knowing the idea that your property is well-maintained. It makes your home aesthetically pleasing and also signals to the buyer that it is a worthy investment.

So, if you have windows that are regularly maintained, prospects do not have to worry about replacing it later on.

Chances are, a lot of potential buyers are already assessing the things that they will have to change in your property to make it “their home.”

At least, give them one thing less to worry about by assuring them that you have regularly maintained windows.

First Impressions are Everything

As mentioned earlier, having the windows of your home cleaned regularly and professionally treated goes a long way. It significantly improves your property’s aesthetic appeal.

So, if you have your property’s value assessed, and potential buyers come to check it out, they want to see that it is in pristine condition.

Well-maintained and professionally treated windows is an excellent place to start. It brings your home’s inner sparkle and shines.

Moreover, you are boosting your home’s value in the market. It will be difficult for prospects to lower your home value by pointing out “unmaintained windows” or “window scratches.”

Clean Windows Operate Smoothly

It is a bonus if a buyer wants to test the windows. Window cleaners clean everything around it, making sure there are no debris, cobwebs, grime, insect bodies, and leaf debris that are stuck on the tracks.

Sure, cleaning windows sounds like an easy task, but there is a proper way to accomplish. If you wipe your windows and it is still streaky or soapy, it only means that your job is not yet done. Thus, sometimes, it is more practical to hire a professional cleaner than do it yourself.

Over to You

You do not have to spend a lot of money on new windows. You can invest in window cleaning instead. This allows you to spend thousands of dollars to invest in other home improvement projects. When your windows are maintained regularly, your house will be ready in the market in no time.


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