Are You Looking for the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Service? Here’s How to Choose


When you are faced with an end of tenancy cleaning project, you can always do it yourself. But the question is, do you really want to? Tackling such a job involves a lot of effort (not to mention sweat and hassle), but at the end of it, will you be sure that you have done the best possible job? You may have limited experience in cleaning, but even if you think you are almost a professional, there may be some tasks you neglect to do or forget, such as cleaning behind the refrigerator, cleaning behind the oven, cleaning windows and inside cupboards, and so on. All these things, however, will be handled by an efficient cleaning service. Your best bet would be a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, but how do you choose the best one? Let’s find out.

Look for a guarantee

The best end of tenancy cleaning specialists will provide you with a guarantee. What does this guarantee mean? It means that if you aren’t completely satisfied with the job they have done, they will come back and do it again. A reputable cleaning service will not hesitate to offer a return cleaning if the results are not up to your standards, simply because they know they will do the job perfectly the first time. They are confident in the cleaning they do, so this guarantee will only serve to assure you of their service and professionalism.

Ask if they have a checklist

Another aspect which separates an excellent professional cleaning service from a mediocre one is their checklist. Professional cleaning providers will often have checklists designed for each particular job, so they will definitely have a special checklist for end of tenancy cleaning as well. The checklist will include various procedures, and it will also include certain areas which will have to be cleaned. A good list will also include areas or jobs which you may not even have thought of yourself, and with this detailed checklist, you can be sure of a thoroughly cleaned, spotless property at the end of the day.

Determine their pricing criteria

The best professional cleaning services such as the end of tenancy cleaning London services from Twinkle Clean will determine their pricing for the job not based on the hour but on the actual size of the property or its contents. What distinguishes professional end of tenancy cleaning providers from others is their attention to detail and their insistence on quality rather than on making sure they finish the job within a particular time. They will be committed to cleaning the property from top to bottom no matter how long it takes.

Confirm the inclusions

When you are confirming the price for the cleaning project, you should also confirm what it includes. For example, does it include cleaning products? The cleaners should bring all they need to make sure they do the job well, and this includes cleaning equipment and tools and whatever machinery they use. You should also ask if VAT along with other taxes are included, just to be sure. A good provider will give you an estimate in advance, so you have a good idea of what you need to pay before the cleaners even get there.


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