Why City Dwellers Prefer Apartment to Home?


People prefer to stay in an apartment for various reasons. Typically, most city dwellers prefer apartments for comfort, privacy, security and ease of living.

These are the common reasons you hear from pro-apartment folk as opposed to those who still like independent housing.

As a person living in an apartment, I had my personal reasons for liking it. To get the real picture of an apartment, I spoke to a couple of my friends to know their point of view.

After listening to their opinion, I summed these nine points for your convenience. I hope they will help you form a realistic opinion about life in an apartment.

It’s easier to clean & manage

Unlike the independent house with a front yard, surrounding space and backyard, an apartment covers only your living area. This means, you don’t have to move the lawn, or clean the backyard. With less floor space to clean, it saves you time and effort. For working couples, managing an apartment is far easier, and that provides for quality time with the family.

No hassles for repair work

One of the regular headaches in an independent home is the frequency of repairs. One day it could be a leaking faucet and the next day it could be a broken fuse.

Hiring a person to repair takes at least half a day’s time and your money. Whereas in an apartment, any household repair is taken care of by the in-house maintenance crew. And they are always available at a call. For example, every apartment project will usually have an electrician, plumber or a carpenter to take care of wiring, plumbing, roofing and other related issues.

Build in amenities in an apartment

Most apartment complexes have swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, etc. These facilities are not easily accessible to a person staying in an independent house. Besides, everyone in an apartment has the Privilege of enjoying these conveniences and the cost is covered in the maintenance fees.

Location, location, location

To save time and the hassles of traffic, most working people prefer to stay close to their office. That is why many people stay in apartments close to the companies and business districts.

Makes life easy

Usually, many businesses open near big residential apartments. The reason is directly related to the demand from people living in apartments. Facilities like ATMs, fast food joints, entertainment centers, and grocery stores make life easier.

Additionally, 24/7 power back-up, continuous availability of water, etc. make life easier for apartment dwellers. When all those issues are taken care of, you can spend more time focusing on life, work and family.

Higher return on investment

Apartments generally fetch higher returns on investment than houses do. The annual yields from apartments are usually 3 to 6% higher than Kitchen and houses.


People living in apartments come together for social events such as festivals, tournaments, cookouts, and potluck. That allows greater interaction with neighbors.

Better security

many apartments have security officers posted at the gate to screen people entering the premises. Apart from security at the gate, there is regular patrolling around apartments. That gives more assurance and protection.

Best for people with shorter staying plans

for people looking to stay for shorter, apartments offer more flexibility. Instead of a long-term commitment to a house, you can choose to stay for a period of 6 or 9 months based on your needs.


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