Feeling Nervous? Here’s What to Do on a Movie Date


When you are getting to know somebody new, movie dates are a great way to spend some quality time together. They help you build common interests and let you gauge each other’s sense of humor.

But if you’re nervous about dating, the idea of a movie date can be very anxiety-inducing.

What do you watch? What should you wear? Do you talk during the movie or just sit there in silence?

Don’t worry. All of these questions and more will be answered in the following guide on what to do on a movie date.

Choose the Place

One of the best ways to decrease your anxiety about what to do on a movie date is to iron out the details beforehand. This leaves less opportunity for awkward pauses or moments of indecision.

And of course one of the first questions you have to answer is, where will the date take place?

The traditional movie date takes place at a movie theater. But these days, you can also pull off a successful movie date in your own home. There are pros and cons to each scenario.

At a movie theater, you are in a neutral third space. If you’ve never met the person, this is your best option. You don’t want to invite a stranger into your home.

Plus, at a movie theater, you can see new releases, which is a great talking point. The downside is that you have to share the movie theater with other people, so you can’t talk much during the actual film.

If you know the person a little better, you might feel more comfortable watching a movie with them at your house or theirs.

The nice thing about inviting someone to your home is that you can control many of the factors. You’re also in your own space, which will help calm your nerves.

Going over to their home can also be nice if you aren’t confident about how the date will go. Being in their space means that if things take a turn for the worse, you can leave whenever you want.

Choose the Flick

This might be the most important choice you make all night. How do you choose what to watch on a date? This question can make a lot of people nervous.

But this choice can be quite simple once you narrow down your options. If your movie date is taking place at a theater, you probably only have four or five options for your chosen time frame.

Dramas can be too engaging, taking the focus away from your date. And action films aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Definitely don’t pick anything too heavy that will cause you to leave the theater feeling sad.

Generally, pick a lighthearted comedy. This will give you an opportunity to laugh together and can give you some inside joke material for later.

If your date is taking place at home, you have so many more options. You can watch a movie or a television show from any time period. Although, a lighthearted comedy is still your best option.

Netflix dates are becoming more and more popular. If you think there’s potential for a longterm relationship here, peruse through some of the best shows on Netflix and choose one of those. Starting a new show together creates a recurring activity you can do together.

It also gives you something to bond over. Years from now, you can rewatch the show for memories of your first dates together.

Should You Talk?

If you are nervous about a movie date, you have probably spent a lot of time agonizing over this question. Do you talk during the movie?

Again, this depends on where you are. If you are in a movie theater, absolutely not. Other patrons won’t appreciate it, and your date might see you as inconsiderate.

But being in a movie theater can work to your advantage. If talking on a date makes you nervous, movies can provide a break in the conversation.

But just because you aren’t actively conversing doesn’t mean you can’t engage with each other. If you picked a comedy, use the funny moments as an excuse to look over at your date and make eye contact. Share a laugh together.

Frequent eye contact might even lead to some hand-holding. This way, you can bond without being rude to other theater patrons.

Now, if you’re watching a movie at home, you can talk as much as you want. The movie can operate as a backdrop for your conversation.

If you’re hitting it off, you can talk constantly and not pay as much attention to the movie. If you need a break from conversation, just sit back and let the movie do the work.


The answer to the snacks question is always yes. But when you are on a date, you’re likely to wonder what types of snacks are acceptable to eat.

Without a doubt, the best date snacks are something shareable. At the movie theater, this might be a tub of popcorn or some candy.

The problem with popcorn is it can leave your hands greasy. A sweet treat might be a better choice for the theater. Especially if you had dinner together before the movie.

If you’re at home, you can put together some savory snacks that won’t leave residue on your hands. Pretzels are a great option.

But at home, it’s also a great idea to bring out some playful food. Gummy bears or worms are good options. Tossing a gummy worm at your date is a great way to be flirtatious without making a mess.

What to Do on a Movie Date

There are a lot of reasons you might be feeling nervous about what to do on a movie date, but hopefully, this post answered a lot of your questions. By planning the movie, snacks, and location ahead of time, you can ease a lot of those feelings of anxiety.

Most importantly, remember to have fun. It might just be a fun movie, but it might be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Enjoy it.

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