7 Ways Cannabis Delivery Is Improving The Dispensary Experience


Let’s face it: Legal weed is here to stay. And while many of us were accustomed to less-than-legal meetups and deliveries of yesteryear to score herb, these days, cannabis delivery is as professional, convenient, and safe as any other delivery service you’re using, whether it’s Prime or Postmates. And it beats your average dispensary experience for quite a few reasons. Not only is the experience better, but if you’re using a service like Grassdoor cannabis delivery, a Los Angeles-based curated cannabis delivery service, you’re also getting that product in an average of 45 minutes, faster than a round trip to and from the dispensary in LA traffic.

7 Ways Cannabis Delivery Beats our Dispensaries every Time

  1. Dispensary selections are limited; delivery services can source a variety of the best brands and products from all over California. These services are mobile, which allows them to curate a much larger selection, avoiding having to make multiple stops and purchases from multiple dispensaries.
  2. Prices are inflated, inconsistent, and heavily-taxed. With delivery services, your cart total is clear throughout every step of the process, and taxes are clearly identified and explained so there’s no price confusion during the purchase. And, you pay the same amount for the same products every time you order, regardless of whether you happen to order from home, work or a friend’s place.
  3. Dispensary staff are questionable resources; sometimes you luck out and get someone who really knows the market, what products they prefer, and can offer advice during your purchasing process. Most times, the budtender is a fresh hire, and may not have tried all of the products you’re considering buying. Delivery services like Grassdoor employ a full-0time customer support staff whose goal is to optimize the user’s experience, which means if you need help selecting a product, using a product, or just need some general clarification, your an live chat, email or pick up the phone and call a knowledgeable budtender who can guide you through delivery options.
  4. Long Wait Times are a thing of the past. With social distancing and COVID protocols, long lines at the dispensary can me minutes and hours wasted standing in line, often outside of the building, 6-feet apart from one another. Most delivery services are equally time-consuming, with unpredictable and unreliable delivery windows. But services like Grassdoor have focused on efficiency to improve the convenience and reliability, typically delivering your product in an average of 45 minutes.
  5. You can’t consume at the dispensary. In the old Prop 215 days, you might’ve been allowed to try before or after you buy, but with Amendment 64, consumption must be done offsite. That means no smoking in those long lines, and no enjoying your purchases until you’re home. With delivery, you can consume until your delivery driver arrives, and continue consuming within seconds of completing your purchase.
  6. Dispensaries require you to come to them. That means driving in Los Angeles traffic, finding parking (sometimes paying for parking), and then driving back, or taking a Lyft or Uber. With delivery, you save the time and hassle involved in transportation, as well as stay safe knowing that you won’t be driving or riding public transportation with your cannabis.
  7. Dispensaries make you wear masks for extended periods of time. In many places, these are the new regulations in place to help prevent the spread of COVID. But, let’s be honest, masks can become burdensome, especially during extended periods of time while waiting to shop, and while trying to interact with staff and make your purchase. With delivery, you an order with ease from the convenience of your mobile device or desktop, avoiding strained conversations and interactions, as well as extended mask wearing.

Cannabis delivery has vastly improved over the last decade. Long gone are the inconsistent (and sometimes forgetful) dealer deliveries and mom-and-pop drop-off’s and here to stay are convenient, reliable and safe technology solutions for ordering cannabis in the modern age. If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, a service like Grassdoor cannabis delivery will revolutionize your cannabis buying experience.