Ways of Protecting Cedar Siding and roof


Red and white cedar siding have become popular among people as they like the aesthetic beauty of such products. These shingles are available in the market in a number of forms such as pre-finished form and unfinished form. However, untreated shingles do not as attractive as the finely siding and they stay on a high rate of getting the damage. Weather and insects can destroy the structure of these siding without giving any warning. It is necessary to choose the factory treated siding for avoiding any kind of damage.

Maintenance of Cedar Siding

Treating cedar shingles is one of the most important steps and one can do it by bleaching oil. The treatment solution is made by using mixture of two materials called linseed oil and refined bleach crystals. This treatment helps in protecting the cedar shingles from any kind of decay and coastal contamination. It also provides a nice silvery gray look to the siding.Bleaching oil also helps in protecting the siding against blackening of shingles that mainly is because if mildew infestation and the natural material in wood. The house owner must ensure recoating the cedar siding with the bleaching oil for keeping it in optimum condition. All who want to give a natural look to their siding can ask the contractor to apply clear coat on it. This coat can help in increasing the life of wood and it will also decrease the weathering process of wood. It will also preserve the unfinished appearance of the cedar that people appreciate a lot.

Texture and Combination of Treatment

The texture of the material you have selected for your house highly affects its absorption of protective solution. There are a number of cedar shingles that have grain pattern and color variation, but they soak up less finish that means that the need of re-coating increases. There are textures such as rough texture and saw-textured that have the ability to absorb the coat with double strength and the need of recoating such materials is not as much as you think.

Moisture Maintenance of Siding

Our purpose of providing you a lot of information is to ensure that your cedar shingles and siding remain protective for a longer term. You have to admit that the external factors such as weather and debris can decrease the quality and performance of shingles. Moisture can damage the material in an unbelievable way for which you may not seem prepared. Other kind of moisture can easily penetrate in the shingles through cracks and it can reach to a place where you have never imagined it. Therefore, it is important to prevent all kind of moisture problems from all sides of your home.

Expected Steps for Maintenance

There are a number of steps that you have to follow for maintain shingles and siding. It is crucial to maintain 40% the interior humidity of your house. You also have to ensure that the attic is correctly insulated and ventilated in a well manner as it is prevent damage. Prevent different spots from getting humid so the risk of moisture seeping through the siding and shingles can decrease. Call roofing contractors downriver Michigan for installing good quality heating wires in your house for melting the ice. If there will be ice under shingles then it will melt because of these wires. Check caulking around your house for ensuring that there is no kind of possible leaks. You have to take the step of taking care of siding shingles and siding so it can benefit you by providing right protection.


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