Why angle matters with rooftop solar


Solar system is basically taking the sun’s energies and using it to produce electricity. It is one of the best sources of electricity as it costs close to nothing. The only costing is of installing the solar panel in your house. When solar panel first started, it was quite pricy, but now a day it has becomes very cheap and almost anyone can install solar panels in their houses if they have enough space for it. People usually install solar panels onto their rooftop. Surprisingly solar panels work best on ground. Solar panels in the ground are much easily maintained than on top of the roof but most people do not have enough space on the ground to install them.

There are several things on which the performance of the solar panel depends on. They are,

  • Orientation (the direction of your roof)
  • Age (the age of your roof also determines the performance)
  • Shade (solar panels do not work if there are no sunshine)
  • Size (depending on the roof size, the number of solar panels to add would vary)
  • Pitch (the slope of the roof somewhat determines the output of the solar performance)
  • Material (the material of your roof matters)

All of these things work to have a good solar experience. The angle of your solar panel is one of the most important thing roofing contractors worry about. Ask roofing contractors Ann Arbor and they would check your roof’s direction and then find out the best angle to put the solar panels in. Ideally it is best to install it into 180 degrees angle. However, it is not realistic to find that angle in most roofs. Most roofing contractors put it in a 30 to 45 degrees angle.

There is a repeated argument on whether west direction or south direction is best for solar panels, after much arguments, the researchers have found out south is probably the best way to get optimal solar energy. If your house is facing towards south, then it is a good news, but if not, do not worry. The roofing contractors would find a way to give you the best deal.

If your house is of old styles that do not have enough materials on the roof to install a solar panel, you may need to pay little extra to install solar panels. Roofing contractors can install it by doing few arrangements here and there. Of course they would take few extra bucks for the adjustments and extra time that requires in order to completing the job. But think about the money you would save on electricity later on.

Optimal electricity would produce when the sun is shining brightly, if the sun is not shining directly toward your solar panels, it would not produce much. This is something very technical and only a certified electrician and engineers can successfully install these solar panels. Do not try to do it yourself at home, you may end up ruining your other circuit boards in the house.


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