Does Vaping Invoke Headache?


Today people become more and more prone to cyberchondria, which is a modernized type of hypochondriasis. Not to scare you with strange words, when you suffer from cyberchondria, you unconsciously escalate your own biased concerns about common symptomology on the ground of sources that you have read on the Internet, no matter how serious and trustworthy the source is.

Vaping is a new modern hobby of people of all ages, different genders, and backgrounds. Since 2006, when it was first presented in Europe and the United States, vaping has sparked a furor on the market. It has also become one of the most discussed topics because of its variability and relatedness to various economic, healthcare, social, and educational problems, for example, teens’ addiction.

The issue that will be discussed in this article is whether vaping can cause a headache or people are merely courting troubles to themselves. To answer this question, we need to make some inquiries about vaping as such.

What are the types of substances that people vape? What does the purest vape liquids consist of? What is the difference between dry herb vaporizerand nic salts pod?

Vaping is not a confirmatory sacrament for the majority of people, so it is useless to describe the history of its appearance and the process of development since the very first idea of the device. However, not many people know what 510 thread battery vape pen or the best vaporizer for dry herb ( is. Therefore, question one is what substances we can pour into our vape tank and how they influence our health.

Weed. The most widespread weed for vaping is marijuana (also called cannabis). The type of device for vaping this substance is called a weed vaporizer. You may also find the models named “the best marijuana vaporizer” or “the best cannabis vaporizer,” but the main point of attention should be on the type of weed for vape devices. Weed can be put in a vape tank in the form of dry herbs (therefore, you have to look for “dry herb vaporizer”) or oil (in this case, any container for liquids that include oils or concentrates is ok). The choice of form depends on personal preferences, but remember the dangers of consuming drugs.

Vape Juice or Liquid. The terms are equivalent, and the composition is the same. The significant chemicals, in this case, are propylene glycol, (vegetable or artificial) glycerin, and water. Nicotine and flavorings are optional. The e-liquids with these elements are seen as comparatively safe, but you have to be sure that the vape juice is of high quality. On the other side, even e liquids without nicotine can harm the mental and physical health of the vaper. It is essential to be aware of the fact that the elements listed above are neither wholly natural nor customary for our bodies.

Vape Salt. In fact, at its core, this is a younger brother of vape juice because the chemicals that constitute this substance are the same. The only difference is that salt is a compressed form of nicotine. It means a higher concentration of the content and the need for higher temperatures on the best portable vaporizer to dissolve the salt and turn it into vapor. Logic shows that this substance makes are more exposed to nicotine than vape juice under the condition of equal time of vaping. The other significant issue is that higher temperatures irritate the respiratory system more, though the effect is stronger.

Now, having discussed the chemicals that we let in our body, let’s move to the question of headache. Is it possible that vaping causes headaches? What are the reasons for such an impact? How to avoid such effects?

The answer is yes – vaping can be a cause for headaches! To be more precious, several factors that can cause headaches after vaping.

Nicotine. The harmful effects of nicotine are well known all over the earth. There is no need to go into details about the negative influence of nicotine on vessels, blood, and heart. All in all, the majority knows that heavy cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer or a stroke in the majority of cases. The constrictions that appear in your blood vessels then affect the body’s autonomic nervous system. Such ‘stimulation’ (=irritation) often becomes a root of the headache.

The additional effects of nicotine are rush and dizziness, but it often happens to those who are not used to nicotine at all. Therefore, if you used to consume conventional cigarettes and then moved to vape, you are unlikely to face these effects unless you significantly increase the dosage.

To exemplify this, it is about 1 mg of nicotine contained in each cigarette. It means that smoking a pack daily, and you expose your body to 20 mg of nicotine each day. The level of nicotine in e liquids, nic salts vary depending on the manufacturer, type, flavor, and so on. With vaping, you have a chance to control the amount of nicotine in your life on a day-to-day basis.

Propylene Glycol(PG). One of the main four constituents of any e-liquid, as mentioned above, that of all others makes the e liquids become desired vapor. The main property of the chemical is to allow the consumer to inhale the substance. However, the problem is that even a PG of high quality possesses a drying effect so that your body might feel dehydrated. Headaches and other effects (dry mouth, rash, and more) might appear, especially if you have some sensitivity to propylene glycol.

The way out includes a variety of options on the scale that varies from giving up vaping or changing the type of vaping device to limiting the use of some substances.

Case 1. In case you are sure that the headaches are triggered by nicotine, the easiest option is to decrease the level of nicotine that you get daily. There exist a variety of options. Firstly, you can use a particular app where the amount of nicotine consumed would be calculated automatically. Secondly, you can experiment with manufacturers and dosages of nicotine in the vape juice and choose the most comfortable one. Thirdly, you might gradually use e liquids with lower levels of nicotine until you start using non-nicotine substances.

Case 2. In case you are sure that PG triggers the headaches, stop using any liquids that contain this chemical. Try to find ones with other substances, or turn to dry herb vaporizerusage. An important note here is that herb does not equal drugs. There exist some herbs that are both legal, healthy, and ‘vapeable’ — for example, damiana, valerian, chamomile, and more. Also, there are cases when doctors prescribe vaping cannabis for bettering some symptoms of serious diseases.

No matter what is the reason for your headache, it is better to consult a doctor and try to find the solution that will both satisfy your needs and be safe for your health. Consulting a doctor will save money and prevent you from taking a shallow breath.


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