What To Expect When Visiting A Criminal Defense Attorney Syracuse NY


There’s little in this world that’s as nerve-racking as being involved in a criminal lawsuit – except maybe when you’re the one in it.

At times like this, it’s difficult to make rational decisions pertaining to your case. Which is why it’s important for you to click here and hire the services of a criminal defense attorney in Syracuse NY.

Having a criminal defense attorney to represent you is not only helpful in crafting effective legal strategies, it’s also important in protecting and upholding your human rights.

In this article, you’ll learn what to expect when visiting a criminal defense attorney Syracuse NY:


For your criminal defense attorney in Syracuse NY to have a better grasp of your case, a preliminary interview is required.

Depending on your circumstances – whether you’re incarcerated or living in a different state – an interview can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through VOIP services online.

During the interview, your attorney will ask you questions that’s pertinent to your case. It’s up to your attorney to lead the interview, and your only job is to answer all questions truthfully.

Remember that during the interview – as well as all your future interactions with your lawyer – all information you shared is private, confidential, and covered under attorney-client privilege.

Conversations not considered confidential include conversations with your relatives, friends, neighbors, and cellmates.

Again, only conversations between you and your attorney are considered confidential.

Legal implications

After your interview, your attorney will present the legal implications of your case.

Which means your lawyer will give you an honest, professional, and strategic review of your case.

Under the law, they’re legally obligated to present you the strengths and weaknesses of your case, strategies they will employ at trial, an option for a settlement (if available), and all possible ruling outcomes.

A makeover

A lot of what happens inside a courtroom is all about perception. How you present yourself and the image you project (along with the stereotypes attached to it) can have an effect on your case.

As part of your strategy, your lawyer might change your hairstyle, shave off your beard, or put on less makeup.

You might also be required to change your style – put on a tie, wear less revealing clothes, choose neutral colors – to project a certain image.

Attorney’s fees

Unless a law firm has offered to take on your case pro-bono, even lawyers appointed by the Public Defender’s Office charge for their services.

In general, criminal defense attorneys charge a flat fee,while some charge an hourly rate. Keep in mind that these charges can vary from state to state.

In Syracuse NY, a flat fee typically covers work done by your attorney, and is determined based on the charges you’re facing.

In case you’re unable to afford your attorney’s fee upfront, ask your lawyer about legal aid programs you can apply for to mitigate your legal expenses.

Find and hire expert investigators and expert witnesses

In order for you to make a more compelling case, you need to hire the services of expert investigators and witnesses.

Investigators are typically former law enforcement officers who understand what kind of evidence best supports your case.

Often, a case will get its biggest break from information gathered by investigators through their network.

Thanks to shows like CSI, testimonies from expert witnesses such as medical professionals, scientists, or researchers can add more weight to your case.

Your criminal defense attorney Syracuse NY will then take all that data and information and create the best possible defense for you at trial.


Expect a lot of paperwork in a criminal lawsuit. These can include arrest records, court records, and witness records.

As tedious as sifting through tons of paperwork is, it’s necessary to present facts at your trial. It also plays a big role in exposing loopholes in your opponent’s defense.

Through paperwork, your criminal defense attorney is not only able to make a winning defense strategy for your case, a good paper trail can also discredit the other party’s claims.

Final Thoughts

Participating in a criminal lawsuit is an extremely stressful process. In order to protect and uphold your rights at trial, it’s highly recommended you hire a criminal defense attorney.

When visiting your criminal defense attorney in Syracuse NY expect going through a process that includes an interview, a makeover, gathering evidence, sifting through tons of paperwork, and crafting legal strategies.

Your lawyer should be able to explain all steps in this process to you as clearly, honestly, and objectively as instructed by law.


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