Tips on Finding Freelance Writing Jobs


Freelance writing is the procedure of providing writing services for cash while functioning on your own and not becoming employed by a company or firm. Freelance writers generate written words as per their customers’ requirements.

If you are an experienced freelancer or even a novice one, freelance writing jobs are easily available If:

  • You know how to search.
  • You know how to promote yourself.
  • You know how to stand out in the services you provide.

Would you like to work from home and become a freelance writer? The following are popular tips on how to find freelance writing work.

  • Initiate cold pitching or email targeted strangers. It’s when you get in touch with bloggers, business owners, companies, small firms or startups and let them understand exactly how you – a freelance writer – could help in their business growth. First, you need to cold pitch to companies. You might discover that a certain company has no blog-but they should have one or you can see on Instagram or other social media platforms that they have been attempting to expand their social media presence and you hope your content will assist with that. When you detect these aspects, all you need to do is draft and submit a cold pitch on how you can help them out in this process with your writing.
  • Apply to a job application or ad. When you’re fresh to freelance writing and you’re having a hard time finding quality jobs, your best option is to reply to job advertisements. It is also the primary way that a lot of new authors use to find adequate jobs. There is no bid, instead there is an incentive to use job boards over a creative market place like Upwork or Guru to seek a writing gig. Entrepreneurs, small companies and start-ups are submitting job ads on independent job boards and you should bid or apply on such ads. Often you’re expected to give your rate; certain times the job ad will specify content pay rate and you can just apply to.
  • Did you know that social media could be a treasure trove for securing gigs? Twitter is a wonderful place to easily find freelance writing work and it’s a great way to create connections with prospective customers. And by joining some freelance job boards you basically can’t be hard-pressed to secure a gig throughout a dry period.
  • Ask your family, friends or colleagues. Doing so can contribute to obtaining your first submission as a new writer. The family member or friend would like you to modify their curriculum vitae or just write a florist ad. If you decide to leave your 9-5 career and work full-time on a freelance basis, let your family and colleagues know. They may potentially become your first consumer and can give you your first testimonial! It’s also crucial to always be available in your daily life for future writing gigs. It involves creating business cards that you can share with friends and family easily. You might eventually find another writer in your city too and help him.
  • Having a professional-looking website is the best way to encourage strong-paying clients. But that may not be an alternative for you right away if you’re just getting started. Perhaps you’ve got a personal blog you’ve created through your leisure time. You can certainly use your website to offer the facilities of your freelance writing initially. Ultimately though, you’ll want to spend in a self-hosted WordPress site and generate a professional-looking writer site to really ramp up your own business.
  • Write for free. How can free writing compensate? The fastest response is that millions of people would see your writing as you add guest posts on popular sites. And you can definitely get a potential customer on one of those audiences. Pitching to job ads is awesome, but when you don’t have a decent set of prototypes – particularly from articles published on other people’s pages – it’s going to be hard, but not difficult, to attract a qualified buyer.
  • Get in touch with other freelance writers. You know the smartest thing you could do is to interconnect with the other writers to create your new freelance copywriting biz.
  • Visit local firms and companies. Another fantastic way to secure consistent work is to visit your local website design and publishing businesses. You can, of course, go to your business district and let the local clinic or pet shop owner recognize you’re a freelance writer but that takes a long time from your day. A surefire way around it is to meet only web development firms and let them know a writer is accessible. Such firms have a total pool of consumers needing content on the web.
  • Join freelance jobs group on social media. Writing gigs on Facebook has a great deal of potential. If you have searched properly, you will find groups to join that will allow you to find stable work. Doing this you can form relationships with potential leads that are posting on these groups. Keep in mind that this strategy takes time.
  • Turn towards the sites that pay their writers and pitch them. There are dozens of websites that pay for your series of blog posts, in contrast to journals and magazines. It’s a little more difficult to secure a paid guest spot than to find a free guest spot. So while you’re creating your guest posts list, you can pitch to work advertising and paying guest bloggers to earn some cash, too.
  • Join the LinkedIn job portal. Go to their work board, and everything you do is placed in your job (“writer”) and waits for what’s coming up. You can determine how you would like to approach these companies from here. When you have the time to invest in developing a relationship, and you still have clients, then use a warm pitch strategy. But, if you’re ready to work on land now, go back and add some places to your cool pitch list.


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