6 Cars That Take Your Road Trips to Next Level


While setting out on a road trip, you have a lot of plans to be implemented for making the trip completely joyful and exciting enough. One of the most important element of our road trips is the car which we use to travel. Since there are numerous options available in the industry, you have to make the choice considering your needs and budget. Also, what you are required to focus is the kind of trip you are making – whether it is a trip with family, friends, or spouse only. These things matter a lot while you are choosing the car for your travel.

Road trips have now become an essential part of our lives since the busy and hectic schedules have made our lives stuck. We are constantly looking for a break. Getting back to the purpose this post, we have shortlisted the following sports cars from japan used car auction, which you may consider as well.

1. 2018 Volvo S90 AWD T6 Inscription

It is the only sedan that is going to be the part of our short list of sports cars. It is included so because the car is perfect for the small family trips. The car is terrifically designed for car lovers. When you drive away, the experience would be unparalleled for sure. Because it has an excellent power and glides at highway that you have the similar joy of Mercedes or Audi. Comparatively, it is much more affordable than them. All the interior is blond wood covered with luxurious leather. Most importantly, if you are going on a long dive with your significant other, it give you an incomparable experience like never before.

2.  2018 Chrysler Pacifica

It is the minivan that gives a tough competition to the compact SUV, the Pacifica. You can basically drive through countries and as many towns as possible, which gives an amazing deal for your dollar. The seats in the second row are great for those extra kids who are captain by their heart. Also, the third row is dedicated to the kids with an “extra” element. These seats are foldable if you don’t want them and create a storage space for your luggage. How amazing it is.

The car has a sync-able Android Auto and Apple Carplay that can be connected to the internet so that the passengers alongside may enjoy the travel journey.

3.  2018 Tesla Model X

The car has become a great go for the road trip these days. There is no doubt in the fact that the car has been one of the coolest vehicle for those annoyingly yet trendy family trips that people generally love to be a part. There have been many complaints and questions about its dodgy design, the car’s model come with many other awe-inspiring features. The Model X of the vehicle has the capability of driving up to 237 and 295 mileage. Believe it or not, this model is probably the most enjoyable way of taking the road trip to next level.

4.  2018 Porsche Cayenne

In terms of comfortability, there is no comparison with this beauty. With a fast speed and wonderful interiors makes it perfect for the dream road trip. The trunk space of 23 cubic feet makes you save up to $60,000 which is simply a reasonable price to kick off. Porsche Cayenne gives another reason of fuel-economical feature for those who want them to buy. However, Porsche Macan is another nice car from this family. With its small size that gives low mileage, you may view it at every next rest stop on your road trip.

5.  2018 Honda Ridgeline

For making your road trip experience up to the mark, there won’t be any better car than Honda Odyssey. It is a pure road-trip car with its built-in vacuum cleaner that never let anything left dirty. Ridgeline is an improved version of which, but is small in size that has a truck like shape with a reliable and nice rear look and six speakers. If you are getting away to a place that has uneven and dirty roads for spending your holidays, it is a perfect car. The interior of the car consists a stowaway trunk to keep your stuff dry even in the bad times too. The cost of this vehicle is extremely reasonable with a price tag of $32,000. It offers you an All-Wheel-Drive that is something you won’t let go easily.

6.  Jeep Grand Cherokee

It is a great idea for taking all your essentials with you. And this vehicle involve you in all the hardcore adventurous and road crawling ravels. With its impressive capabilities of torque, fuel efficiency, and many other features, the vehicle does wonders on pavement ends. Plus, it has 420 lb-ft of torque on tap for maintaining the balance while driving.


Indeed, road trips are the fantastic way to spend your holidays. When you are out on a road trip, it is the best way to relish you joys and make the memories for life. Whether it is with family or friends, the joy of relishing the journey is what makes it memorable trip. And in this article, you would have find out one of the major elements that become the reason for making the journey one for a lifetime. And if you are a regular traveler, you must know that the journey is more important than the destination. These cars are just adding an element of spice to your adventures.


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