All About Having An Unforgettable Experience In Dubai!


Craving for opulence, adventure, and sand this holiday? Want to relish some me-time in luxurious spa’s and pools witnessing world-class aquariums. Thinking to spend your evening in some of the trendiest lounges and clubs on the planet? How about checking these experiences in Dubai?

With the glitzy skyscrapers, bold architecture, world-class shopping destinations, and audacious living style, the United Arab Emirates, UAE, is one of the hottest travel destinations. It’s one of the largest cities with the fusion of modern style and Bedouin heritage. Get into the glamorous city, uncover the tradition  with the Dubai travel guide:

Dubai Overview:

  • Language: Although Arabic is the official language of Dubai, English is spoken by most the people living in the city. Besides, it’s also the language of many businesses.
  • The currency of Dubai: Dhs, Dirham is the official currency of Dubai
  • Cash or Credit cards: While Cash is still the most common method of trade, some places do accept cards. But, this doesn’t mean you go cashless, don’t forget to carry small change in the pocket.
  • Dubai Climate: The day time temperature of Dubai can whoop up to 106 degrees, which means the summers are extremely hot in the city. However, the temperature in the nights is rarely below eighty-eight degree.

Here are few things to do in dubai:


Well, it’s not about sand skiing, though you can also do that. But, Dubai hosts a massive Mall of Emirates with the total area of 22,500 square meters for indoor skiing. It holds 85-meter high indoor mountain with five slopes of varying difficulty and steepness.

Moreover, it’s 80 sq. Meter wide and have a 400-meter long run with the features like rails, kickers, boxes and more. Ski Dubai also has a large number of penguins, which you can witness often.

Dubai Opera

If you have an interest in watching the classics, drive down Downtown and get the jaw-dropping shows in Dubai Opera. Opened in August 2016, the place holds some amazing and fascinating musicals from the biggest musicians around the world. Apart from the shows and operas, the place is a great opportunity to enjoy Dubai culture.


Want to know the Dubai Resident’s secret place? The box Park is the one! It’s an outdoor mall in Dubai with trendy shops for shopping enthusiasts and many cool restaurants. The most interesting thing about the mall is that it outlets look like huge shipping containers that are colorful and impressive. Spend some time there, relish the moments, window shop from the top brands, get some amazing pictures, and make memories.

Miracle Garden

Want to witness some of the unique species? Head to miracle garden! An amazing, colorful treat, the place hosts more than 26 species and over 1500 butterflies. Here you will also witness more than 45 million flowers of unique designs and beautiful shapes.

Dragon Mart

Apart from the luxurious malls with attractive displaces and unique windows, Dubai features a place where you can get all Chinese products. And it’s called Dragon Mart! With over 4000 different stores, amazing furniture, and eye-widening home décor, the Dragon Martlet Chinese traders to display their products.

Global Village

If you are heading Dubai between November and April, Global Village is something you shouldn’t miss. It’s one of the biggest family entertainment and cultural attraction that gives you a chance to witness the epic scenes from one place. Packed with shops and kiosks of 30 different countries, you can do everything (shop, dine, entertain and what’s not) in one place.

Defy Gravity

If you are not much a fan of fly boarding, the indoor skydiving is for you! The iFly Dubai is home to the double vertical wind tunnel. Just head to the place, and you will fly a few feet above the ground.


Imagine driving a car that’s worth 2 times more than your house? Live your dream of driving a Formula 1 car while racing around many other species at Dream Racing.

Feeling overwhelmed by the exciting Dubai destinations? Keep them in your bucket list and enjoy your trip!


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