Go Digital: 5 Types of Software Programs Every Small Business Needs


If you’re a small business owner in the 21st century, you’re already aware that a digital presence is a necessity. From social media to blogs, embracing technology is an essential part of business life these days.

But having a website isn’t the only way you need to be utilizing technology. In fact, there are all sorts of software programs that can make your life easier and can help your business succeed.

Here’s a look at 5 types of software you need to be using for your small business.

1. Accounting Software

It’s no secret that keeping track of your finances is a chore. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most important parts of running a business. When it comes to covering your butt, having a paper trail is the best way to do it.

Whether it’s for tax purposes or just helping balance your budget, a good accounting program can be the difference between success and total failure. For example, if the IRS decides to audit you, having all your info tidily filed away in digital form is incredibly handy.

Invest in this first and foremost. If your books aren’t kept right, none of these other programs are going to do you much good.

2. Marketing Assistance Software

Even though social media goes a long way towards a healthy marketing campaign, it’s not everything. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes. One way to make that job easier is through a marketing assistance program.

What you can do with software like this is to track data about various contacts and customers. Not only can you keep a comprehensive database of all your customers and contacts, but you can also leave individualized notes about their quirks, preferences, and other specific information.

Knowing who your customers are is half the battle. Knowing all about them is the way to victory. This software will help on both fronts.

3. Document Sharing Software

You’re not going to get far without a user-friendly program for creating and sharing documents. Whether you’re worried about drafting contracts, making spreadsheets, or invoice approval, you need an easy way to create and share every type of document you need.

These days, it’s easy to get programs that do all of the above. Try to get software that contains as many functions as possible in order to cut out any unnecessary complication.

4. Inventory Tracking Software

While this isn’t crucial for every type of small business, if you’ve got inventory to keep track of, you need this. Pen and paper simply aren’t efficient, and human error makes even digital versions of that approach obsolete.

Luckily, there are now apps that can make inventory tracking a breeze. Many of these programs also include ways to track expenses and other particulars associated with inventory, condensing many tasks into one convenient program.

5. Staff Management Software

Last but not least, an app to help you manage staff logistics is crucial. Managing staff means keeping track of payroll, hours, and many other factors.

Now that we live in the future, there are apps and programs which manage all of that. Instead of spreading out your payroll and scheduling among several programs, get a staff management program that does it all. It will save you and your employees many headaches.

Software Programs Are Just Step One

Now you know what types of software programs your small business needs. Awesome! But what’s next?

The answer is a whole lot of things. There are countless ways you can make life as a small business owner easier and better. For more awesome tips and insight, keep reading.


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