Vehicle Transport Success: 5 Tips for Shipping a Car Cross Country


If you’re one of the more than 35 million AmericansĀ who will move this year, there’s a lot on your plate. You must juggle your job, securing a new home, and dealing with packing.

Even if you use some solid moving hacks, it’s still easy for things to slip through the cracks. One of the most common things that people neglect is their vehicles.

They forget that they must plan ahead for shipping a car cross country. Keep reading and we’ll give you some key tips for successful car shipping.

1. Start Early

Shipping your vehicles cross country is not like sending your friends the occasional birthday gift. Contemporary passenger cars can weigh 3000-4000 pounds. That means you need a big truck to move one, and you shouldn’t schedule one of those at the last minute.

Also, bear in mind that actual shipping can take several weeks depending on what kind of shipping you choose. If you need that car shortly after you arrive, it needs to head out well ahead of your other belongings.

2. Check Out the Reviews

You want your car to arrive in the same condition it left in, which means you want one of the best auto transport companies. The trouble is that not every transport company works in every location.

In some respects, you’re stuck with the companies that work in your general vicinity. If you can’t use one of the top companies, check the reviews of the companies you can use. A few negative reviews shouldn’t scare you off, but lots of them should make you pause.

3. Ask About Liability Coverage

In the event of an accident that damages or destroys your vehicle, you want assurance that a replacement vehicle won’t come out of your bank account. Look for a shipper with at least $50,000 and preferably $100,000 in coverage.

That’s enough to replace most vehicles. If you plan on shipping a vintage vehicle, get it appraised. Then, select a shipper that offers high enough coverage to cover that value.

4. Empty the Car

It’s an easy thing to forget in the flurry of moving activities, but you should clean everything out of the car before turning it over to the shipper. The truck moving the car may brake suddenly. The last thing you need is a loose item bouncing around the interior or breaking a window.

5. Vintage Vehicle Considerations

Unlike your standard passenger vehicle, vintage vehicles and classic cars draw the attention of car thieves. Consider using an enclosed trailer for shipping your vintage car. It shields your vehicle from the eyes of would-be thieves and protects it from the elements.

Parting Thoughts on Shipping a Car Cross Country

Shipping a car cross country takes a bit more planning than shipping other items. If you start early and do your research, though, you can avoid an expensive logistical nightmare at the last minute.

Now that you know the key car shipping, check out our post on picking the best moverĀ for your upcoming move.


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