Top Skills Needed in IT Right Now


Positions in the information technology sector are one of the most highly sought after job positions in the labor market today. Jobs in Seattle and other parts of the world are usually tech-based. If you love the quick moving pace of technology, have a knack for solving problems, or enjoy any part of hardware and software, IT might be the field for you. If you want a chance in a highly competitive field, here are some of the skills that employers are looking for on your resume.

Big Data

Big Data is a buzzword in any business analytics field. If you want to get into a growing technological field that will have a huge explosion of job possibilities in the next few years, Big Data could be the field for you. There are a multitude of skills that make a good data analyst including some programming, statistical, and basic business skills that allow you to comprehend the full picture of the data you are analyzing.

For programming, languages like SQL, a database language, are absolutely essential for combing through heaps of data that can be used in business processes. For statistical skills, you need to understand some basic calculus and statistical concepts to analyze data in a comprehensible way. If any of these skills sound interesting to you, consider exploring this career branch to find your next position in Big Data.

Data Visualization

In this same strand, being able to take that sorted and analyzed data into simple, understandable visualizations for executives to understand is probably the most vital part of any IT position. If you have tools like Tableau or Inforgram, you will look far more appealing to executives who need simple, understandable information in order to make logical business decisions. However, if you have a lot of information that can be presented on a map, you can always use tools like Maptive and visualize your Excel data on a custom Google map. Your audience will surely be amazed!

Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming is a set of languages that break down complex problems into simpler bite-sized pieces that can then be solved individually, eventually leading to the solution to the larger problem at hand. The processes occur during runtime instead of during compilation like they would in a static programming language like Java. Dynamic programming also has great application in web development, as seen with the popular JavaScript, which is the main language you typically see on complex Internet web applications. One of the most highly sought after languages, and one that is probably the easiest to learn, is Python. Python is a great beginner programming language, so if you have no background in technology, a dynamic language is a wonderful place to start.

Cybersecurity and Monitoring

In a world full of phishing schemes and sensitive information leaks, cybersecurity is more important than it has ever been. If you are interested in protecting businesses from security risks, there are some important skills you will need. First, you must have some basic certifications to be considered for a position, like CompTIA’s Network+ and Security+, which will give you some foundations on which to build the rest of your skills. Next, you’ll need to have an understanding of basic security software principles, like Firewalls, incident reporting, and the Best Server Monitoring Software for your company.

If you are a leader, determined to protect your business, and have a passion for constantly learning and adapting your skills to the next threat, a career in cybersecurity could be perfect for you, and these basic skills could allow you into this rapidly developing field.


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