Tips and tricks that will help you to win big in Escape from Tarkov


There are a lot of little things that people fail to notice while they are playing escape from Tarkov. These things do not have to be really complicated ones but if you do not keep these things in mind, you are definitely not going to win consistently in the game. So, here is a sneak peek of some of the strategies that will allow you to get going in the game of escape from Tarkov.

1Always complete your quest

If you are just starting off, you need to take part in as many quests as you can. The quests will give you a lot of practice that will help you to face your enemies more confidently. Quests will also give you a lot of experience and teach you new techniques to use different types of weapons. When you complete a quest, you get to unlock new weapons and utilize them in a strategic way in the game. You can also take the help of some Escape from tarkov hacks to gain an advantage in the game.

2Always play the bots

Before you enter the real game, you can start playing with computer bots both offline and online. These walls are really powerful and are also quite strategic. They are a lot more systematic than the regular players. So, playing against the bots will give you a very good experience. In fact, you don’t just embrace good experience but also enhance your gaming skills. Playing against the bots will not allow you to get new items or unlock any levels in the game. However, you will be able to improve your score based on how you strengthen your skills.

3Insurance your gear

Insurance will allow you to recover all those items that you haven’t extracted at the end of each round. Insurance will work only if your item has not been extracted. You can drop your insured gear in a hiding place. The most important and crucial thing that requires to be insured in escape from Tarkov is the gear. This will surely help you stay ahead of your enemies and improve your play. However, you will only get only 72 hours to claim the items once they have returned to your wallet. Otherwise, you will see that you end up losing them.

4Try to protect your character

Every single character in the game has 435 health points. A significant percentage of this will reside in your limb. The colour will determine the health of the character after he has been attacked. Grey means that the gamer is in need of medical care while black means there has been a lot of damage made. Medkit will help you to revive your character at any point of the game but you need to go for CMS kit if you are attacked severely. Healing traditionally will put you in a very easy position to get attacked again. You can use pain killers or morphine to strengthen your health immediately.

5Try to catch the ammos

The ammos are a very important part of escape from Tarkov. You can use the ammos to boost the performance of the weapons but you will also have to know which ammo goes with which exact weapon. You cannot use the same ammo for all your weapons. There is a guide on the ammo and this guide is sufficient to boost your weapon and you must follow it. You can also religiously go through the ammo guide to know more about which ammo is the most appropriate for which weapon of yours.

6Make the most out of the security containers

As you go from one level to another, you will be provided with a security container that will gradually grow in size. You will be able to hide your weapons in the security container without having to worry about them getting looted. The game also provides you with a lot of items that cannot be carried along with you everywhere. You can seal them in the container and restrict them from being stolen. This container will help you to retain your items if you die at a particular level in the game.

And these were some of the most important tips and tricks that will allow you to win consistently in the game. If you want to share any other strategies on escape from Tarkov with us, then you must make it a point to let us know of them and we will implement them in our gameplay.


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