Top 10 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture


Moving from one place can be quite a task. And regardless of where you live and how much you choose to discard, you will always need some of the heavy furniture moving to the new place.

And mostly if you are shifting an office to another place, this can demand a lot to keep all the furniture safe.

Now, to keep the furniture safe and damage-free, we have some of the amazing tips for you to do it.

So, in this article, you can learn a few common tips to move your heavy furniture and avoid any possible damages.

1Take precautionary measures

Measure everything that needs to move and is heavy before loading it to the truck or another vehicle.

It is important to now how much furniture a vehicle can adjust and would it be safe to put that in or not.

2Push, not pull

Never pull the furniture. It is also safe for the furniture and your back. Do not get hurt as you need to ensure that your furniture is not damaged during the process. So, to protect both your back and your furniture at the same time.

3Find out the tools that can help in lifting

Investing in tools is not a bad idea at all. All you need is to find the right tools and plan the moving according to them Use every tool you can to make the moving damage-free.

There is a huge market place for all these tools. Just do some research and plan it accordingly to save the floors, your back, and your furniture.

4Carry the couches vertically to get them out of the doors

There is a little tip of carrying the heavy business with care. We know you care for the doors and also the corners of the couches.

So, always take the couches out of the door by picking them vertically instead of horizontally.

5Remove items from the inside of the furniture

The worst thing you can do with your essentials is to keep them inside the furniture. So, when you will move them up, they will fall down. And saving furniture can make you lose other furniture.

6Plan and organize the furniture to manage space

Planning and organizing are important. Remember, when you first time settled up your place. You utilize the spaces wisely to ensure that your rooms look bigger.

So, this time, you need to plan the furniture space for loading. And this time, you cannot just adjust, it needs to get fit into the exact space as it should.

So, plan it and organize it for the safety of furniture and also a smooth move. You may need to invest a little more, but safety is always worth paying more if needed.

7Get anything to lighten up your load

You can always use tools. And I am not talking about the ones that can help you in lifting.

It is more like for packing or keeping things covered to ensure that they are not damaged due to any unforeseen issue. So, you have to be careful about it.

8Get rid of the old furniture

The old furniture can be close to the heart of some people. Well, if you can count on them as useless furniture just taking up space, you can always get rid of it.

It is important because you cannot just keep everything because you think it is important. So, you have to be wise while picking up only the essentials.

9Ask questions

Don’t be shy and asks questions to your friends and family. Let them help you with lifting, loading, and moving.

Or you can simply just get some recommendations for hiring furniture moving service.

10Hire professional moving services

Professional moving companies can always help you with more than just lifting and picking.

They know the tricks and also have the right tools to move the furniture without damaging it or losing any essentials.

So, be sure that you can have the moving of furniture smooth by simply getting it done by the professionals.


Finally, remember all the above tips. We understand that moving is not fun at all, but you can make it by hiring a service.

We get that you might want to save some money. Still, you can just get help from professionals for the heavy furniture.

We are recommending it only to keep you safe and your furniture secure by all means.

It is inexpensive to do it on your own and you can do it by following the important tips. And that is all from us if you know some more tips or little tricks to move the furniture safely without hurting your back or home? You can share them with us anytime!!


  1. Thank you for mentioning tools that can help with lifting when handling heavy furniture during a move. This gives me some idea of what to do when we help our brother move into the new condo he just bought, as he owns a lot of pieces of large and heavy furniture that we weren’t so sure about how to transport. I might have a couple of neighbors who can lend us their lifting equipment so we can use them when we get a mover to help my brother relocate.


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