4 Tips You Need When Buying A New Mattress


Is your old mattress losing its shape and comfort? 

With time, it can lose its support, creating lumps and dips, and tend to sag. Still wondering whether it’s time to buy a new one or not? The Possibilities are– it is! 

There is no fixed rule when to buy a new mattress, but it is important to recognize the obvious signs of comfort if it is fading away. Apart from wear and tear, a change in your sleeping curriculum or health can also reflect the need for a new mattress. 

Dust particles and other allergens may also collect on it and your bedding that can give back and neck pain. So give your bedding a shelf life by making some necessary changes, not only for those with allergies, but also to give every family member a healthy lifestyle. 

Choosing a right or a wrong mattress can really make a difference after waking up feeling good or in pain.

So, here are four tips that will help you when you are buying a new mattress:

Test It Out Before Paying!

It may feel awkward, but you do have to sit and lie down and give it a thorough try in the mattress stores before you take out your credit card. There is no other way, so just curl up and roll from side to side, lie down in your favorite sleeping position to feel its firmness and durability. Ideally, you should spend ten minutes or even more while trying out each one of them. 

How Much Firmness You Want!

The best way to test out its firmness is by sitting and feeling the comfort level on your own. Every brand may have different guidelines say, if a manufacturer is considering “firm,” others may consider extra firm. So do not come to any absolute criteria, instead look for mattress’ firmness you prefer the most, and you are comfortable with. 

This makes another important reason why you should actually try before buying. Also, you don’t necessarily need an extra firm mattress if you have backache problem. Most of the people prefer somewhere in the middle of a firm and extra soft to have a good night sleep. 

Make Sure It Fits Your Space!

Everyone loves the idea of a queen or king-size mattress, however, before you buy to make sure to measure stairwells, corridors, and doorways.  Get your measurements done.

Be Transparent On Warranties and Delivery!

Many companies nowadays have trial periods or other services where if you are not satisfied with the mattress, you can have store credit to select another one. However, the return policy and delivery times vary, so make sure you are clear with the terms and conditions before making a purchase. 

Have a friendly talk with a service person at the store so that you would be more comfortable if you need going back. 


You spend a considerable amount of time on your bed, and having a sound sleep is important for good health. No matter how tempting it sounds to ‘just live with’ an inadequate mattress, however, replacing it can give you plenty of benefits in your sleep as well as health. 

Remember, it’s your health, and it’s your money, do good research and get the best mattress for yourself. Pay attention to sales and specials.

A good mattress is crucial as it can make a difference when you wake up in the morning feeling energized!


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