How to furnish your new home with cost energy saving appliances


Energy efficient appliances are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do they help you to reduce the size of your carbon footprint, aiding the planet in the process, but they can also help you to save a lot of money. Because they use less energy, all of your energy-related bills and costs should be lowered when you invest in energy efficient appliances.

Of course, if you’ve just purchased a new home, chances are that you don’t have a lot of money to spare, and these types of appliances can sometimes be a bit costly. Don’t worry though, as there are plenty of ways to save money and still get all the great energy saving appliances you need.

Size Matters

As you shop for appliances, remember that you’re more likely to save money, both upfront and in the long run, if you choose appliances that are the correct size for your home.

Whenever possible, try and buy smaller, less powerful appliances since these will be cheaper upfront and use less energy throughout their lives. However, don’t buy these appliances if they’re too small for your home and its demands. A unit that is too small is likely to get overworked, which will lead to it breaking down faster. Plus, its efficiency is often reduced by having to work harder to do its job.

The key is to buy an appliance that’s just enough and just right for your home. In other words, don’t buy more machine than you actually need!

It’s Okay to Buy Used

Energy efficient appliances are the most expensive when they’re brand new, straight out of the box. However, the good ones will last for many years, so don’t balk at buying them used. This can be especially helpful for the most expensive items, like stoves and refrigerators.

You can find used energy efficient appliances at major stores such as Lowe’s or even have a secondhand appliance store in or near your area. You can also buy from individuals off of selling sites such as Craigslist, or even from neighbors or friends who may be moving or upgrading.

Whatever you do, just be careful and thoughtful about your purchase. Even though the item is used, it will still be an investment. Also, whenever possible, get some kind of warranty or guarantee on the appliance. You might not get a very long warranty, like with new appliances, but even a small window to guarantee satisfaction will give you great peace of mind.

Compare and Contrast

Whenever possible, try and purchase Energy Star certified appliances. These appliances have been approved as energy efficient by the United States Department of Energy. Plus, they come equipped with an Energy Guide label, which provides you with a lot of helpful information about the appliance, such as efficiency statistics, estimated yearly operating costs, and average energy consumption.

If you compare this information from machine to machine, it’s much easier to determine which appliance is actually the best deal, both upfront and in the long-run. That kind of shopping is a lot more effective than just making purchasing decisions based on price alone.

A good tip is to take a clear photo of the labels of appliances you’re interested in. Then, at home, you can sit down and make your comparisons without a pesky salesperson hanging over your shoulder.

Buying energy efficient appliances, especially if you’re trying to get a great deal, can be a bit of a hassle. You have to invest time and research into the process. If you’re willing to do that, however, you can ultimately end up with great energy saving appliances at an even greater price.


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