10 Things to do in Hawaii During Vacation


When planning to go for a fabulous vacation, Hawaiian Islands definitely come to mind. Hawaii is filled with lots of natural wonders that you’ll certainly not be short of things to do here. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the things to do in Hawaii.

Snorkel with sharks

There’s a reason why Oahu is the most visited place in Hawaii and one of those is the famous life-changing shark tour. In fact, it’s one of the few places globally where you can go on a shark tour without a cage. Also, you get to dive directly to where they live instead of attracting them with food. This way, you get an opportunity to observe these apex ocean predators in a calm natural state.

To make it even better, there’s no age limit, so you can carry along your family members. However, any diver must be at least 4 feet tall and most importantly a strong swimmer. Children must also be in the company of 2 adults. Now this is one activity you wouldn’t want to miss, do you?

Visit Pearl Harbor

Oahu is at it again with this Pacific National Monument’s World War II valor. This site is in commemoration of those killed in Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor attacks. However, this solemn structure is only accessible by boat. While you could exhaust all its sites in around 6 hours, it’s advisable to take the full day out to fully enjoy the experience of Pearl Harbor. You’ll also get to view the mind-blowing scenery of the sunken ship’s oil still bubbling up and the resultant concentric rainbows on the water surface.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP)

SUP is definitely one of the best things to do in Hawaii. That being said, SUP has become more and more popular throughout the Hawaiian Islands because it’s super fun and of course the easy availability of lessons as well as boards to rent.

There’re plenty of calm bays and shallow spots for novice paddlers as well as huge waves for experienced riders. You can also quickly access at least an hour of SUP lessons as well as SUP equipment rentals. All you have to do is to know how to comfortably swim in the ocean.


No matter your skill, stamina level, or your group size, Hawaii offers a host of hiking opportunities ranging from 3-day+ long excursions to easy trail walks. The dormant, 10,023 foot high Mt. Haleakala Crater is definitely the perfect place for backpacking in Maui. If you choose to travel east towards Hana, you’ll get exciting bamboo forests and waterfalls to begin your hiking expedition.

On your journey south, you can enjoy your leisurely stroll in La Perouse Bay. All in all, the over 250-mile hiking trail spanning over lava tubes, volcanic fields, and beaches make Hawaii the perfect hiking spot for you.


When it comes to playing golf, the Oahu golf courses are second to none. Oahu has a total of 40 public and private golf courses. Hawaii’s big island is second with 17, Maui at 10, and finally Kauai clocks in with 8. However, don’t be fooled by Kauai numbers because its home to some of the best courses in Hawaii, with notably Princeville Golf famous for its seamless design incorporating island terrain. This makes playing golf here challenging as well as offering breathtakingly scenic experience.

Helicopter tour

For all honeymooners and travelers alike, enjoying your vacation in Hawaii while taking a helicopter tour will definitely give you unforgettable experience. You can pick a helicopter tour company of your choice to enjoy the unique aerial experience of seeing with a bird’s eye the hidden valleys, waterfalls, and coastlines. Also, you’ll get to view the active volcanic lava flowing into the ocean forming some billowing steam vents. You’ll get to witness all these beguiling sights in firsthand. Cool, yeah?

Haleakala National Park sunrise watch

If getting up early in the morning to watch the golden sunrise on your Hawaii vacation isn’t on your priority list, then you should think again. Watching the sun rise at Haleakala National Park in Maui is one of the best things to do, although reservations are made at 150 per day.

However, don’t fret yourself because you can easily book a bike tour to secure a spot. You’ll enjoy a 26-mile bike ride adventure down the mountain making your trip a worthwhile venture. If you’re a beginner, you should go for a group tour, whereas experienced riders can opt for a self-guided tour.


Hawaii receives lots of visitors from all over the world for surfing. This is because surfing is very prevalent in almost all the Hawaiian Islands, with some notable destinations being Maui and Oahu. Visit Maui and join other professional watermen and women to take on water at Honolua Bay, Jaws, and Ho’okipa Beach Park.

On Oahu, you can choose to spectate or surf yourself at the North Shore beaches such as Waimea Bay, Makaha Beach, and Banzai Pipeline. In the south, Wikiki Beach, Castles, and Ala Maona Bowls are all great spots for amateur surfers. Experienced surfers can however opt for Lopa Beach or the moon-shaped Hanalei Bay.

Visit Dolphin Quest

This is arguably the best spot for a dolphin-encounter experience for your whole family. The minimum age requirement is 2 and toddlers, young children, as well as adults can enjoy the 10-minute meet and greet a dolphin adventure. Adults and teens are allowed to even have a closer encounter with these friendly sea mammals including a 1 hour 45 minute snorkel. During the snorkel (Sea Quest), you’ll enjoy the swimming experience in the company of sea turtles and Hawaiian fish. Dolphin Quest is certainly the perfect spot for any young family out there.

Beach Hopping

One of the main attractions in Hawaii is definitely Beach Hopping. You’ll get to spend your day lazing and basking under the beautiful Hawaiian sunshine leaving you with a golden suntan and a relaxed face. However, do your early research about the beaches favorable for building sand castles, calm swimming, and most importantly fun in the sun. To help you out, you should visit Huanama Bay or Kailua Beach on Oahu as well as ka’anapali beaches on Maui for SUP adventures and rock jumping.

The summing up

With all the above mentioned fun activities, choosing the best thing to do in Hawaii shouldn’t be a problem to you. However, early planning is very important. Simply start by identifying your favorite location and which kind of activity is popular there. This way, you’ll avoid all the unnecessary confusion while on your next Hawaii adventure.


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