Myths about Hemp Extract


For many years, hemp has been demonized as an unsafe plant to consume; in the past, there was no distinction between hemp and marijuana and both the cannabis members were greatly misunderstood. In this article, we will go through the various myths that surround hemp extract and bust them one by one.

There is still a sizable debate that keeps happening between the relationship of marijuana and hemp, and its respective extracts. However, recent studies and results have shown that the hemp extract can give you the same benefits as the THC extract, but without the side effects and psychoactive effects.

Myth 1: The United States law has treated hemp and marijuana in the same manner.

Reality: When you take a look at the history of drug laws, you will see that the government has acknowledged the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Myth 2: When you smoke industrial hemp, you will get high.

Reality: Industrial hemp has really low levels of THC, they go as low as 0.03%, and at that rate, no one could get ‘high.’ However, it does have sufficient levels of other cannabinoids like CBD that are known for their natural benefits on the human body. CBD is also known for countering the marijuana high.

Myth 3: The THC levels in hemp are less, but it can still be extracted and manufactured as a powerful drug.

Reality: Extracting the THC from industrial hemp is a tedious and expensive process that requires much time as well. Since the THC is really less in hemp, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would put in that much time, effort and money to gain THC. Manufacturers would instead use marijuana, which is laden with THC, to form any THC based products.

Myth 4: Farmers grow hemp to hide the cultivation of marijuana plants

Reality: Hemp is cultivated differently as compared to marijuana. Also, the harvest and sowing cycles are completely different from marijuana. If at all there is any cross-pollination between marijuana and hemp, then the potency of the marijuana plant will decrease.

Myth 5: Untamed hemp must be destroyed, or else consumers will mistake it for marijuana

Reality: Untamed hemp is the scraps of the plant that are grown by farmers on large acres of land. The THC levels in untamed hemp are deficient, it goes as low as .05%. The hemp that is discarded has no potency and does not have any intoxicating effects. Hence, it cannot be used as a drug; however, it can offer a good nesting ground for birds.

Myth 6: The people who have legalized hemp are looking for a loophole to legalize marijuana as well.

Reality: When hemp stores were initially legalized, it was advocated by people who were looking towards the legalization of marijuana. However, once the hemp and hemp extract industry matured over time, people began to see it as an agricultural asset rather than a recreational drug. They have also realized that legalizing hemp is way different than legalizing marijuana.

Myth 7: Hemp extract is rich in THC

Reality: Well, as mentioned before, this is a prevalent myth and couldn’t be further from the truth. Hemp extract and CBD oils are very low in THC. For hemp extract to be legal, it has to have the minimum level of THC, which is 0.3%. Recently, hemp oil has become a popular organic supplement, and it’s used for its many health benefits. When a hemp seed is washed in the extraction process, almost all the THC is eliminated. The traces of THC that are found are mostly within the glands of the hemp plant, and during the extraction process, the CBD and THC resins can stick to the seed; these two reasons are the cause of the minimal levels of THC. Nevertheless, hemp seed extract or CBD oils can’t get you high.

Myth 8: Kids may lean towards drugs if hemp is legalized

Reality: Hemp is not a drug, and the resulting CBD extract is not a psychoactive compound. The drug enforcement agencies must learn to distinguish between hemp and marijuana and become more aware of the plant. They must also learn the difference between an agricultural crop and a drug crop. Once they do, then children will stop receiving the wrong message.

Myth 9: Hemp does not contribute to the economy and should be stopped.

Reality: The market and the high demand for hemp extract and hemp-based products speaks for itself. The CBD industry is growing day by day, and with its current success rate, it will soon be declared as a multi-billion dollar industry. At least, by the next five years.


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