7 Things To Consider When Decorating A Modern Living Room


The living room is essentially the most “lived-in” room in any home. Not only is it the place where we spend most of our time but it’s that space that closely represents us to our guests. As the sun sets, the living room becomes a warm haven for relaxation hence it ought to be as cozy and inviting as possible. The living room is generally one of the largest rooms in a home and can be one of the trickiest to decorate. Gone are the days when a sofa and a coffee table constituted the living room. Nowadays, living rooms take much more than that from the furniture, layouts, flooring to colors. Whatever your taste, below are some things to consider when decorating a modern living room;

1Design A Great Layout

A modern living room is a perfect place to sit back and bond with your family. The first thing to consider when decorating is the available floor space and the furniture on it. Start by measuring up all the components so you can work what goes where. Think about the size and height of the ceiling in relation to these furnishings.

2Make The Most Of A Space

More often than not, modern homes are limited in space. It’s therefore crucial to stock on streamlined furniture that isn’t bulky for the space. Go for furnishings that are light and offer an airy aura to allow natural light to bounce around the room. Make sure that there’s a flow  and harmony to the space.

3Light It Up

Lighting plays a key role in the success of any home decor. It adds shine and glitter to a room which uplifts our moods. Experts advise that lighting in a room spurs our senses by raising oxytocin levels which are the hormones associated with happiness. Contemporary lighting for modern lifestyle is a priority aspect in the design of a living room as it is for the entire home. Getting the lighting of this room right can be a daunting experience but when done right, it pulls everything together.

4Pick A Cool Color Scheme

While on the design stage, it’s interior design 101 to choose a theme color scheme that represents your style and matches with other aesthetics that you plan to have on the space. Small rooms should go for lighter colors to make the room feel larger.

5Use Carpets And Rugs

Floor covers such as carpets and rugs create layer and warmth to the living room. They effortlessly help a space attain elegance and easily add a pop of color, pattern and texture.

6Be Clever On Storage

For a modern living room, it’s important to have an organization and know the allocation of everything. Choosing storage will depend on how frequent you may need something and how much space you can spare. For instance, book lovers can opt for a bookshelf for their books, magazines and have some artistic objects. It’s an attractive feature in a room as well as work as storage space to hide clutter.

7Experiment With Décor

Once all the basics are in place, it’s time to customize the living room with some art and décor that reflects your character. Accessories are what differentiates a good home décor and a great one! Hang up artworks such as family photos, painting and mirrors to create a modern look.


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