How to Design a Kid-friendly Living Room


No matter how large your family is, kids and clutter go hand in hand! This makes maintaining a beautiful interior in your home, a challenge.

As a parent, one often struggles with wanting to make the living room look pretty while still keeping it functional and practical for a family with kids.

Now since the living room is an area where most of the daytime action takes place, here are some simple ways to design a kid-friendly living room that can help balance a sense of style and function.

Make Thy Walls Kid Friendly

Most children love to explore their artistic talent on a clean white wall. Using washable paint is one of the greatest tips to make your living room walls kid-friendly. Opt for eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss paint sheens which can be easily cleaned with just soap and a damp cloth. You can also add in wall decorations like a simple chalkboard to help make it a better kid friendly living room.

Are Rugs a Good Choice?

While designing a kid-friendly living room, a ‘forgiving’ rug is a must. A durable, free of toxic, and an easy to clean rug will keep your kids happy and safe while they play on the floor. A woollen or a natural fibre rug is the best option since it provides comfort, removes stubborn stains, and most importantly raises the bar in the ambiance of your living room décor.

Floating Baskets

Not only are floating baskets a major attraction in a living room, but these baskets can also be ever so functional when you turn it into a kid-friendly living room. The baskets on the walls are used to hide blankets, toys, and games when not in use. And, when the kids require them, you can easily pull the basket off the wall. A credenza is another great piece of furniture to store toys in a kid-friendly living room design, moreover, it can do double-duty as a television stand.

A Storage Ottoman

A wonderful addition to any living room is an ottoman. To make your living room space look and feel funky and bright, a storage ottoman with a fun pattern is a great choice to store kids’ toys and other knickknacks.

Round Coffee Tables & Poufs

A round coffee table which has no sharp edges is a perfect choice to help toddlers sit at the table if they are coloring or writing homework. You can add in a comfy pouf or a miniature chair to upgrade their comfort at the coffee table.

Wall of Knowledge

A bookcase or a bookshelf seems to be a must addition in most of the living rooms. The storage space can be used as an advantage to store little boxes of toys and crafts. This is one of the best kid-friendly living room décor ideas to make your home look spacious and clutter-free.

Say Hello to Fabric Baskets

Fabric baskets are another kid-friendly living room decorating idea which you can make good use of if you have one or more kids.  Since the basket fabric is soft, it will be easy for their little hands to handle.  Opt for an attractive texture and pattern which will add depth to the room.

If you do add these simple kid-friendly living room décor ideas to your home, your kids will enjoy the living room atmosphere.


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