Planet-Friendly Upgrades To Increase Your NJ Home’s Resale Value


When trying to sell your home, it’s never easy to find the perfect balance between increasing its value and keeping renovation costs low. It’s all about finding the right upgrades that prospective buyers will be willing to pay for.

One safe bet would be introducing upgrades that will appeal to an environment-conscious market. Buyers who are dedicated to finding a home that will allow them to live more sustainably would be willing to pay a higher price for such amenities, if only because it’s too hard to find property developers that don’t simply consider aesthetics and comfort, but also environmental consciousness.

So if you’re looking to increase the resale value of your New Jersey home by appealing to a planet-caring market, here are some renovation and upgrade ideas you shouldn’t skip:

Lawn maintenance

Improving curb appeal is an important consideration no matter who your target buyer is, but especially so if you’re looking to land an environmentalist buyer. Can you imagine what a non-manicured garden and lawn would look like to someone whose main advocacy is taking care of the planet?

If your curb is showing signs of neglect, you don’t have to freak out. There are ways to restore the former lush of your lawn without spending too much money. All you need is a ton of patience and enough time before your first open house.

VOC-free paint jobs

Chances are, you’re already planning to give the house a fresh paint job to make it look fresh and ready for its potential new owners. To take things to the next level, all you need to do is use non-VOC paint, which contains none of the harmful chemicals present in standard commercial paint.

Non-VOC paint is sourced from healthy plant options and does not contribute to air pollution. Any prospective buyer would appreciate you making this simple choice, and on the off chance that they’re not yet familiar with the benefits of using non-VOC paint, you can use it as a nice little conversation starter.

Use of reclaimed wood

If your house needs major renovation work that requires you to replace any of the woodworks, you should seriously consider using reclaimed wood instead of fresh ones. Simply put, reclaimed wood is wood that has been used for a different purpose before, but is still in a good enough condition to use for your home.

Using reclaimed wood is not just gentle on the environment — it also gives your home a unique personality that can only be achieved with the level of history that each reclaimed wood plank holds.

Energy-efficient furniture

Offering fully-furnished properties or even semi-furnished ones will indubitably hike up your asking price than if you’re selling a bare property. To take things up a notch, you can invest in energy-efficient furniture. Keep in mind that your goal should be to convince environment advocates that when they buy and move into your home, they’d hardly have to do any modifications just so the house will fit the lifestyle they want to lead. If you’re not keen on selling a fully-furnished house, at least switch all the lights with energy-efficient options like LED lights.

Solar power subscription

On that note, a solar power subscription would be another value-adding feature that you can offer. We’d say install solar panels on the roof, but not everyone is keen on having those, by virtue of how out of place they look sometimes and the kind of maintenance effort they require. Fortunately, there are systems in place that would allow you to bring renewable energy to your home without installing any panels or systems on your own.

New Jersey community solar, for instance, only needs you to sign up for a subscription. Can you imagine how cool it would be to advertise that your house runs on clean energy — but without unsightly panels on the roof? People would definitely be lining up to come for a viewing, if only to satisfy their curiosity as to how you were able to achieve such a feat.

Rainwater collection system

Along with conserving power and energy, environmentalists are also all about saving water, so having a rainwater collection system, regardless if it’s just a single rainwater barrel, would definitely make your listing more attractive.

Final Thoughts

Aside from cashing in a huge purchase price for your property, you surely want your beloved home to pass onto someone who you know will take care of it while they live there. You can count on environment-conscious individuals to do the job, and if you are successful in attracting one because of all these green upgrades you got, you can rest easy knowing they would simply continue caring for the property you once called home.


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