9 Tech Trends To Look Forward To In 2019


The year 2018 holds great importance in terms of the tech revolution, and 2019 is going to be no different. And with different trends predictions and anticipations popping their rear heads even before the start of 2019, have brought all the tech companies and frontrunners on the pins and needles.

Since nobody has escaped the touch of technology; sooner or later, it will influence our lives and practices. Therefore, it is important to stay aware of the upcoming trends and be ready for what we are going to witness in the months to come.

Here are the nine most promising technology trends that will delineate the year twenty nineteen, 2019.

1. Improved Automation

There are going to be more AI tools and applications that will simplify a majority of our complex world and automate our no-brainer practices, saving our time and effort. These AI permutations would already know what we want, be it a ride or an approaching business deadline. Even the non-tech retailers are going to get their feet wet with AI to improve their customer experience.  Moreover, the privacy-enabled AI platforms, local compute, and AI chips integrated in Smartphones will change how we perceive the AI technology.

2. The Return Of Crypto Currency

Agree! 2018 saw the downfall of Blockchain, while 2019 is opening new avenues for this technology to make a comeback. The industry is going to witness security token and the exchanges with security tokens, decentralized ecosystem, Hybrid models ensuring transparency and security and so on. The impact of Blockchain has always been noticed, which is why 2019 is the year for this technology.

3. Humans and AI Partnership

We have seen people dreading that AI will replace them on their job, and companies giving excessive decision-making power to the technology. The results were drastic.  At present, many companies are thinking to collaborate their workforce and AI by training their staff to best use AI technology and drive greater results. However, the collaboration will require humans to develop their skills and learning that may not be easy to acquire.

4. Internet Of Bodies

Referring to IoT and other self-monitoring innovations, like smartwatches and fitness tracker, IoB are being ingested, implanted, and affixed into people’s bodies to generate an enormous amount of behavioral data, health status, and DNA information. Although giving someone the critical data about people, let’s say empowering the employer to know many important things about their employees, will increase the chances of data thefts by the bad actors existing globally.

5. 5G Enabled Smartphones

In 2019, 5g has been touted to snatch some of the spotlight with its 5G-capable smartphones along with the 5G services. The technology is going to team up with augmented and virtual reality. The promising low-latency and consistent speed will ensure and internet augmented arena. In the late 2018, carriers have already begun to test-launch the technology to selected cities. For more advanced and comprehensive rollout like holograms in the 5G cars, the users have to wait for a year or two. And iPhone users,there is not going to be a 5G iPhone any soon.

6. More Rigorous Cybersecurity

Cybercrimes are the most serious concern till date and tech-savvy people have been driving new and advanced security solutions to counter the attacks. With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, different attacks can be predicted and prevented. It is also predicted that very technology we are driving new security solutions from will also be used to plant new attacks. According to the CEO, SecBI, Gilad Peleg, AI will lead to more cyber-attacks. With advanced automation, hackers will be able to execute successful attacks.

7. DIY Lovers Will Increase In Numbers

In the DIY culture we live, people will be seen more inclined towards the Do-It-Yourself approach. Brands and companies have been cutting the corners by using different DIY tools. Many of the tools are using AI technology to provide personalized outcome to the users such as logo design tool to create your business logo. Recently launched Google’s AIY is a DIY AI project that allows the users to experiment new, better things. With its Do-It-yourself camera, you can try out image recognition through neutral networks. These advanced tools have taken the DIY approach levels above.

8. Social Credit Algorithms

The recognition and biometric related algorithm are predicted to be used for retrieving data about a person from his or her social media profile or any sort of digital existence. These algorithms are social credit algorithms. Blending the biometrics with the social network can result into a brief observation that might be used to judge the morality of a person. Some countries are already experimenting this technology on their citizen to assess their loyalty towards the country.

These algorithms extract and analyze the data to calculate a credit score. This technology may have some negative impact on our daily lives, depending on the governmental policies and practices. They may come a time when people with bad rating will have limited job opportunities; their kids won’t be able to take admission in reputable educational institutions, or they won’t be allowed to travel as freely as they are right now.

9. Chatbots

The wonders of chatbots are stranger to no one. In 2018, the program has been evolved to act more intelligently and humanely than ever before. Chatbots are also expected to replace apps, as it will be more feasible for the users to ask SIRI or Google to do something rather than launching the app and do it yourself. With the Voice-based programs, chatbots sound more humane and thus becoming more popular among the users. This may put an end to the era of typing, tapping, and clicking.

No matter how many of these predicted trends are going to be a hit or miss, 2019 will bring transformation towards AI, ML and other technologies based on this duo. Many new, unexpected inventions may also join the league later on. If you have some trends in mind that are not covered in the list above, do share it in the comment section.


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