The Most Sustainable Way to Travel


In recent years, we’ve become increasingly eco-conscious. From the plastic carrier bag charge to how we recycle, we’re all thinking about sustainability.

How we travel is one area in particular that has been in the spotlight recently, with the way we get around hitting the headlines for its impact on the climate. With the focus firmly on the way to live green, how can we move around the country while keeping our carbon footprint low? Here are some ideas to help reduce pollution while we travel.

Off-season visits

During the summer months, the world’s key tourist destinations are flooded with visitors. Venice and Thailand are two key tourist traps that have become overwhelmed by the increased volume of footfall.

With so many flying these locations and driving around once they get there, there is a lot of fuel used and emissions to consider. If you long to take a trip to these beautiful destinations, try travelling out of the summer season. A visit to Barcelona or Paris in the winter is just as magical and not as busy.

Take the train

Avoid car and air travel altogether by taking the train. Whether you’re heading to Brussels or you need to travel out of the capital by train to see family in Lewes,opt for a rail journey. This allows you to take in the scenery while reducing your carbon footprint.

Switch from plastic

While you’re on your train, you’re likely to be thirsty. However, you might want to think twice before choosing to drink out of a plastic cup and instead take a refillable, recycled glass bottle with you.This is both a sustainable option and one less addition to the plastic polluting the seas.

Try green accommodation

Where are you staying? Wherever you’re travelling to, should you be heading abroad or staying in the UK, the accommodation you choose can also have a huge impact on the environment. So, why not swap out your hotel room for an eco-friendly option? From yurts and cabins to purpose-built, carbon neutral huts, there are plenty of alternatives available to help you travel in a sustainable way.

Keep it local

Try to buy local during your trip. Eat at independent restaurants that use locally-sourced ingredients and head to boutique shops rather than global chains. By doing this, you are supporting the local economy and not paying for imported products that would have been shipped over from other countries.


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