Cockroach Problems? Call an Exterminator Company Today


If you are suffering from cockroach problem, the first thing you can do is to contact the best Cockroaches exterminator in Phoenix, AZ management and let them know about the situation. The management can contact a pest control service company or they can handle the pest management by themselves. In doing so, you can save time and resources.

Additionally, the management will be aware of the problem before it gets worse. There are also simple methods that you can adapt to help prevent roaches from entering your apartment space.

For people who are living in apartments, keeping roaches out of their place is a constant battle. If you are staying in an apartment duplex, you know how annoying roach infestation can be.

Even if you get rid of the problem, there are other roaches living in nearby apartments. Roach infestation in apartment buildings is different from an infestation in a residential home. This is because when staying in an apartment, you cannot control how your neighbors live.

The people who are living in an apartment or condominium units are always on the lookout for cockroaches. These people know that seeing a single roach means that there are dozens more in hiding.

Even if renters try to get rid of an existing roach infestation, there must more of this creepy crawlies in nearby apartments.

With that said, it is best to keep roaches away from your apartment unit in the first place. Make it impossible for cockroaches to dwell and breed in your living space.

These bugs require food and water; thus, they are usually found in the kitchen and bathroom. They are also attracted to available food sources, including crumbs and unwashed dishes.

The first thing you can do to prevent infestation is to maintain a clean apartment environment. With that said, you must seal all your food in tight containers and immediately wash the dishes after use.

Is Apartment Infestation Different From Home Infestation?

Yes, apartment infestation is quite different from residential infestation. When you live in an apartment, you will face a bigger challenge as compared to homeowners.

This is because you cannot control how your neighbors live. Even if you try to keep your apartment unit tidy and sanitary, you might still encounter roach problems due to the messy unit next door.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to contact the management or the landlord. They can contact a professional pest control service provider to get rid of the roaches. In doing so, the landlord will save the renter’s time and expenses.

In addition, if you contact the landlord, it will alert them of the current roach problem.

How To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Private Space

These bugs need water and food; thus, one usually spots them in the kitchen and bathroom areas. They are also attracted to food sources, such as crumbs on the floor or kitchen counter top, or dirty dishes.

The best means to prevent the infestation of this bug is to keep your apartment space clean and sanitary by sealing all your foods in tight containers and wash the dishes after use. Here are 3 methods to keep roaches out of your apartment room.

Two Methods Of Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

  1. Bring out the traps: You can use sticky traps to kill these creepy crawlies. You can place these traps in areas where you have seen roaches.
  2. You can also use these traps to provide more information for the exterminator; thus, he or she will have an idea of what they are dealing with.
  3. Use roach poison: You can apply boric-acid based poisons to cracks on your walls or behind your kitchen sink. The poison will get on the roaches; so when these pests preen themselves, they will ingest the poison in the process which ultimately kills them.

Remember though that roach poisons are dangerous to pets and children.

If your apartment infestation has gone out of control, you try talking to your landlord or manager about the problem. If they refuse to do anything about it, consider hiring a cockroach exterminator service for yourself or move to a different apartment building.


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