Happy Golden Years Means Keeping Physically and Mentally Stimulated


It’s good to keep our mind and body active and stimulated at every phase of life. The Ancient Greeks understood the importance of keeping the mind sharp and the body toned, so they created philosophy and the gym.

Older adults need to maintain good habits to keep physically and mentally fit. Let’s check out a few ways to help keep your mind and body feeling good.


Not only does walking get you across town. It might also be the best way to improve your cardiovascular health. Getting your feet moving keeps your heart rate up and the blood flowing.

Walking isn’t a high-impact activity, so it’s sensitive to your joints and muscles. Finally, walking is also an excellent way to quickly improve your mood and encounter interesting sights and people where you live. You won’t have to worry about things like finding or paying for parking, traffic, or any driving-related costs.

Walking boosts your mind and body, so it’s the perfect activity to commit to for a lifetime. To get even more out of it, take longer routes or start to speed walk!

Competitive Games

People prefer playing all kinds of games on their own. From cards to board games, the options are endless.

However, leading living centres like the All Seniors Care Fox Hollow residence foster the perfect group environment for playing games amid some friendly competition. Residents love getting together to occasionally cheer each other on while making some new friends and deep connections in their community.

From indoor bocce ball, billiards, shuffleboard, and archery, there are lots of games to learn or play again. The scores are tallied and posted online, along with pictures and recaps, so players feel connected to the games and winners enjoy an extra sense of achievement.


Humans are social creatures, and there’s no substitute for spending quality time with friends and family. Even pets! As the years go by and we accumulate wisdom, people tend to put a higher value on developing even tighter bonds with the people they love.

In your golden years, you’ll love seeing your kids, their kids, and old and new friends. Being in a living centre means you’re constantly surrounded by like-minded people enjoying the same phase of life you are.

Nothing sharpens the mind or gladdens the soul like telling stories or laughing over a joke. It’s said that musicians are natural raconteurs with great jokes because playing music and exercising language rely on the same part of the brain. Stories and humour are fun for their own sake, but they also keep people of all ages mentally sharp.

Older adults have the wisdom to understand and appreciate what really matters in life and the time to devote themselves to these things. When you combine this freedom and time with good health and a stimulated mind, there’s nothing better. Keep the above tips in mind to keep the golden years happy and healthy.


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