How to Stay Faithful and Safe During COVID-19 With Online Church


2020 is the year of unprecedented times. Every aspect of our normal routine has either been canceled for the foreseeable future, offered, but with masks and social distancing or available through technology.

Whether it’s school, work, or online church, nearly everything is being streamed via Zoom or Facebook Live.

An online setting can make it easy to feel disconnected. Especially in the church, which prioritizes gathering and community involvement. However, there are plenty of ways to stay faithful and keep yourself safe during online church services!

Keep reading to learn how!

How Does Online Church Work?

Plenty of churches are utilizing live streams to stay connected to their congregations. A typical service will start with the worship team as they lead several songs. After worship, the pastor will give a sermon.

Some churches may prefer to post recorded services on a website, that way you can engage in service at the time of your choosing.

Benefits of Online

The safety precautions are a major benefit of online church services. Instead of worrying about a mask or placing an appropriate distance between you and other members, you can enjoy service from the comfort of your own home.

Instead of coming up with ways to safely pass an offering plate, churches can post helpful links on their websites for you to send in weekly donations.

In addition to safety, plenty of technological possibilities can enhance your church experience.

Churches that stream or post recorded services may be willing to post additional teachings or testimonials for you to listen to. A platform like Zoom makes it possible to meet as small groups and host bible studies.

Some churches are creating prayer groups, where you can sign up to pray or receive prayer.

Lastly, just because you can’t meet in-person, doesn’t mean you can’t serve your community. Immunocompromised individuals and other members in your area may have limited access to food and other resources. Utilize your church’s website to host food and supply drives.

Setting up a contactless delivery service for groceries may be a welcome alternative to your typical food pantry or soup kitchen.

If Online Isn’t For You

Unfortunately, even with all of the benefits and opportunities of an online church, you may still crave the normalcy of your Sunday routine.

The good news is that some churches, like Parkway Fellowship, are in the process of reopening to host in-person services.

Although, the first in-person services will probably be different than what you’re accustomed to. Many churches will be allowing a lower attendance than usual. Masks may be required, and pews or seating may be off-limits to ensure social distancing.

Staying Faithful

An online church service may not be your ideal method of worship, sermon, and prayer. This is why it’s important to remember that your faith isn’t dependent on a physical location. You can still be faithful AND help your church prioritize the health and safety of its members.

If you’re looking for other ways to stay safe or want to be updated on the latest news, check out the rest of our site!


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