Does Solar Energy Work on Cloudy Days?


If you’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on your electricity bill, chances are you’ve considered switching to solar energy panels. Obviously, solar panels use the sun to help generate electricity, so you may be confused as to whether or not they work on a cloudy day. Well, the answer is yes.

Take a look at the information below to read more about how solar energy panels work on cloudy days.

How Do Clouds Affect Solar Panels?

The simple explanation is that on gloomy days solar panels do work. But they just don’t work as well as they would on a clear and sunny day. While calculations differ, solar panels produce about 10 to 25% of their daily power output on a cloudy day. In gloomy or rainy conditions, it would be fair to conclude the solar energy panels do not function up to par.

It’s interesting to note that gloomy and rainy climates are always popular locations for solar panel installations. Despite what you might think.

The price of electricity— not the amount of sunshine a city gets— is the most predictive aspect of the success of solar panels.

Also, rain helps to keep your panels running smoothly by washing away any dust or debris.

Key Aspects of Solar Energy

In order to produce electricity, solar energy does not require sunny weather. In areas that are sunny and cold, solar panels actually work the best. They usually work less effectively once they get past 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, that doesn’t mean that in historically hot locations like Phoenix, they won’t function. Once more, the cost of energy, not the atmosphere, plays a larger part in how solar energy panels can save money for homeowners.

Although minimal shade will minimize the amount of solar energy your panels receive, solar systems are designed to prevent the impact of shading by forcing all energy output to stop.

If 15% of the solar energy panels are blocked by a tree or another object, then only 15% of the energy output of the system is temporarily limited. Keep in mind, trained installers know how to put together solar panel installation so there’s be no issue with shading. That’s why hiring expert solar panel installers is critical.

Now that you know how solar panels work on cloudy days, you can take advantage of solar energy. Visit to find more info on getting solar panel installation on your home.

Get the Most Out of Solar Energy

Whether it’s a cloudy day or not, solar energy works well and helps homeowners save money. As stated above, solar panels are designed to function properly even when clouds are blocking the sun.

Therefore, if you’re someone who lives in a gloomy area, you can take advantage of the benefits of solar panels too. It’s a win!

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