How Can Custom Night Guards Help Deal with Bruxism


If you suffer from bruxism, your dentist will likely recommend a night guard for teeth grinding. Bruxism or teeth grinding is a chronic condition. And, the use of mouth guards can reduce it significantly.

Bruxism is not an uncommon problem; an estimated 8% population is affected by it. Mostly related to stress and anxiety, bruxism can be quite challenging to cure. You can try to cure the symptoms which have caused this condition rather than hoping for a full cure. Hence, the dentists suggest the night guard for teeth grinding to reduce your bruxism symptoms.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is nothing but a chronic condition in which you grind, gnash, or clench your teeth. This condition mostly occurs during sleep, caused by a sleep disorder like sleep apnea. But it can also happen during waking hours. The several symptoms related to bruxism are jaw aches, headaches, broken or hypersensitive teeth, loss of enamel, neck pain, or damage during dental restorations.

Teeth grinding when occasional is not of grave concern, but if it occurs consistently over the long term, you need to do something about it. It can damage your teeth, and excessive grinding can lead to short, blunt, and fractured teeth. In serious cases, it can even lead to loss of teeth. Bruxism can also lead to disorders that occur in temporomandibular joints (TMJs). If you are starting to notice some pain, immediately fix that toothache with the Dentist in Raleigh.

While the exact cause of bruxism may not be known, it is mostly ascribed to stress and anxiety or sleep problems.

Night Guards

One of the most recommended methods to prevent the damage caused by bruxism is the use of night guards for your teeth. It is designed to fit on your upper or lower teeth to prevent the enamel or crown damage caused by teeth clenching and grinding. Also known as dental/mouth guards, nocturnal bite plates, or bite splints, night guards act as a protective barrier.

Types of Night Guards

1Soft Night Guard

If you grind your teeth occasionally and the condition of bruxism is not too severe, you should prefer a soft night guard. It is not so high priced and fits easily. However, it is not as durable, and the user often chews into it unintentionally because of its soft material.

2Dual Laminate Night Guards

For those who frequently grind their teeth, a Dual Laminate Night Guard is recommended. It is soft on the inside but has a hard covering. It can handle the heavy grinding and has a longer life than the soft ones.

3Hard Night Guards

For those who grind and clench their teeth severely and for TMJs, Hard Night Guards are recommended. It is made from acrylic and is relatively rigid in structure. It has a durable life, and it will prevent your teeth from shifting. It is on the expensive side, and you need to consult a dentist for the right fit. This one can prove to be uncomfortable because of its hard structure.

What are Custom Night Guards?

The night guards that are customized by the dentist to give your teeth the right fit. It is made from the impression of your teeth at the dental laboratory. Due to the precision with which it is built and because of the use of high-quality professional material, it offers the maximum protection against teeth clenching and grinding. These custom night guards offer the best comfort and protection against bruxism.

How to Choose the Right Night Guard?

Night Guards will lighten the tension on your teeth and provide a cushion to the jaw muscles. Personalizing your night guard at the dentist lab will help you extensively if you suffer from severe bruxism. Here is how you can select the perfect night guard for your teeth.

  • Custom Night Guard Fit: The custom night guard made from the impression of your teeth guarantees both comfort and protection. It will fit firmly around your teeth and stays perfectly at its place even while you are asleep.
  • Comfort: A custom night guard should not intervene in your comfort consistently. A customized night guard for your teeth should not be bulky enough as it will create significant discomfort.
  • Durability: Choosing a durable night guard will not require as many replacements and will also be cost-effective. A high-quality, durable night guard will be more effective in the long run.

With the use of a custom night guard for teeth grinding, you can protect your teeth from severe jaw aches and reduce the tension on them. With consistent use, you will find much-needed relief from bruxism.

Night Guards for your teeth can help to prevent severe symptoms related to bruxism. It is hence advisable to use a night guard customized to fit your teeth properly for best comfort and to prevent any casualties.


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