Sewing Machines are not just for women: Here’s Why?


“Sewing machines are meant for only women” – this idea is ingrained in our minds. For decades, we have seen leading sewing machine manufacturers adopting promotional strategies targeting exclusively only women. As women spent more time at home, they had the leisure to learn sewing and also stitch clothes for their husbands, children and other family members. Women were considered to be the prime candidate for sewing at home for ages. This is the reason why companies offered sewing machines at affordable prices in India targeting only women.

Today, the scenario is completely different. As more and more women are going out to work and lead a professional life, very few have the time to sew at home. Sewing machines are still widely popular with women who love sewing and stitching for their family and enjoy this as a hobby. So, as a leisurely activity, home sewing is popular with women. However, are sewing machines only used for home sewing? Don’t they have any other purpose? The truth is sewing machines have a great commercial value in the world of fashion designing and tailoring. This is a fact that when it comes to women fashion, some of the best designers in India and abroad are men. Even commercial tailoring is dominated by men. So, it would not be incorrect to say that sewing machines have found their biggest consumers in men who are professionals in the world of fashion designing and tailoring. Sewing machines in different price range are available in India to meet the sewing needs of such professionals.

It cannot be said that sewing machines are gender specific and are used by only women. These are effective machines that are helping people both personally and professionally irrespective of their gender.

In order to satiate the creative needs of professional fashion designers and tailors, and meet the everyday sewing needs of households, manufacturers are also offering sewing machines that are easy to use and offer an array of features. For instance, zig-zag sewing machines are designed to encourage people to learn creative ways of sewing. These automatic sewing machines are also a great help for tailors and fashion designers by allowing them to get more creative with stitching without much effort. Several leading brands and manufacturers are offering automatic zig zag sewing machines at competitive prices in India.

Zig Zag sewing machines are designed to provide features that make sewing more comfortable as well as enjoyable. These automatic sewing machines offer multiple stitch functions and built-in stitch patterns. Some variants even feature built-in light attachment and adjustable stitch length and zig-zag width. The heavy duty metal frame makes them durable and an ideal choice for both commercial and home use.

If you are looking for a zig-zag sewing machine at an affordable price in India, it is advisable to go for reputed brands. Several leading manufacturers are offering several varieties and types of zig-zag sewing machines to suit the requirements of every buyer with respect to their budget as well as sewing needs. Bring home a zig-zag sewing machine and become a fashion maker!


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