7 Tips on How To Make Your Home Exterior Become the Talk of the Neighborhood


People look at the exterior of a home and make a judgment about those who live inside the residence. Ensure your home makes the right impression. Follow these 7 tips to give your home’s outdoor spaces a makeover that will have it become the talk of the block.

1Focus on the Front Door

A home’s front door can complement or dramatically contrast the home’s exterior, setting the tone for what awaits inside. For a traditional look, stained wood double doors make an elegant statement. Modern doors in updated materials like steel, fiberglass, or frosted glass telegraph clean lines and contemporary style.

2Incorporate Statement Lighting

Outdoor lighting can highlight the best features of your home’s architecture and landscaping while also providing security and visibility. Landscape lighting along walkways provides guidance and security. Integrate pathway lighting along walkways and steps and place striking lampposts or lanterns on either side of the front door. Uplighting in trees creates drama and illuminates garden beds at night.

3Repaint or Restain the Exterior

A fresh coat of exterior paint or stain can instantly give your home an updated, high-end look. White is also popular for its brightness and versatility in matching different exterior styles from traditional to modern. Darker shades of grey, blue, green, or brown can deliver high-contrast visual interest when well-executed.

A fresh coat of exterior paint can do wonders to update the face of the home. Thoughtful color choices with nuanced tones and shades paired with a flawless application help homes put their best face forward to impress from the curb. Work with exterior paint suppliers to find the right products for your home.

4Add Curb Appeal with Flowerbeds

An abundance of plants, flowers, trees, and foliage makes a huge impact on how inviting a home appears. Construct fresh garden beds and planters at the front entrance and fill them with vibrant blooms in coordinating colors. Keep flowerbeds weeded and maintained all season long for the prettiest facade on the street.

5Upgraded Landscaping

Flowerbeds are only one aspect of the landscape. When planning landscaping upgrades, consider native plants adapted to the climate and soil in your area, as these require less maintenance. Evergreen shrubs, ornamental trees, and hardscaping like stone walkways provide year-round visual interest. Define spaces and direct foot traffic with pavers or mulch pathways leading to and around the home. Plantings around the foundation and entryway soften architectural lines and create a welcoming entrance.

6Incorporate an Eye-Catching Front Door Wreath

A wreath on the front door spices up a home’s exterior. Craft your wreath from natural materials or unexpected elements like feathers or bells. Another option is to buy a wreath from a professional to ensure this decor complements the home perfectly.

7Finishing Touches

Add some personality to your home’s exterior. This might be a welcome sign at the front door or a sign that invites people in. Upgrade door hardware or install new security lights. Details matter when decorating the home, and this includes the exterior of the residence.

With strategic upgrades like an eye-catching front door, ample lighting, vibrant landscaping, and a fresh coat of exterior paint, you can transform the look of your home’s exterior spaces and have your facade become the talk of the neighborhood. Pay attention to key areas like the main entrance and front-facing gardens, maintain improvements year-round, and incorporate your style, and you’ll have an exterior home design that has all your neighbors envious.


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