3 top priority things to do while on your trip to Punjab


Punjab was divided during the independence of India and is one of the most historic places in regard to the history of India. The state has seen the worst and have now grown into this powerful and popular place we know of today. There are many things to do in Punjab. It is a very frequently visited place by tourists and domestic travelers alike. This article talks about the must-dos during your visit to Punjab.

Punjab, with its fruitful cultivating area, is one of India’s most prosperous states. Home to bhangra music and the fellowship of the Sikh religion, it has a particular and vivacious society. to get a genuine taste of Punjab, it’s important to wander further away from home to find the effortlessness and appeal of rustic life, in the midst of an always developing urban life.

Punjab is approachable by flight from any major city through Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab. Likewise you can catch Chandigarh Mumbai flights on your way out after your tour. Mentioned below are some of the must-dos during your visit to Punjab.

A visit to the Golden Temple

The Golden Temple pulls in travelers from everywhere throughout the world. It looks especially capturing during the evening when it’s perfectly lit up, with its forcing immaculate gold arch enlightened. Incredibly, the number of guests it gathers every year equals the Taj Mahal in Agra.  The holy grail for the Sikhs, the temple is an absolute must visit for any Sikh settling in any part of the world. The temple complex is open for right around 20 hours, from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.

A visit to the Wagah border

Ordinary of the year, just before dusk, a flag ceremony happens at the Wagah Border in the middle of India and Pakistan. The Wagah Border function is a prominent vacation destination and side trek from Amritsar. The function goes on for around 45 minutes altogether. It begins with high devoted spirits from sides of the outskirt. Officers walk towards the entryway at the fringe, which is tossed open when they reach there. The parade is a fascinating sight sometimes even broadcasted on TV but the live display is a thrill you cannot compare.

Plan and time your visit to witness Kila Raipur

One of the most significant yearly events is the Rural Olympics in Punjab. The Kila Raipur held in the district of Ludhiana is held every february and is a event that gathers a huge crowd from all around every year. Donkeys, bulls, camels and even pooches take part in an adrenaline pumping race. The Kila Raipur Rural Olympics is a country sports celebration that is developed more than six decades, to wind up a games bonanza that pulls in contenders from around the world. Held for three days amid February every year, more than 4,000 games men and lady take an interest in the celebration. They’re viewed by around 1 million onlookers

Punjab will leave a lasting impact on anyone. It is a fascinating place and its rural areas are even more intriguing and interesting. The food is impeccable and the people are a kind. Everyone leaves with a heavy heart but there comes a time when your visit should come to an end. Head over to Chandigarh and book yourself a ticket in case you have not yet. You can book yourself a ticket for the Chandigarh Mumbai flights or take a train instead or even take a cab or bus if you are visiting from a nearby city or plan on continuing your journey to a nearby city.

If you have any suggestion apart from these for things to do in Punjab while on your trip than comment on below we will try to add your suggestion in this article.


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