The Safe and Organic Hair Care Guide


These days, it is quite easy to find good organic beauty products. Be it lip care, eye care, or skin care, there are organic natural formulations available for everything. There is quite a limited choice, and unless you are ready to dig down, it is almost impossible to find organic products with nature-rich ingredients.

Still, worry not as we have done homework on your behalf. Based on research and reviews, we bring you a safe and organic hair care guide for healthy and beautiful hair.

1Paraben-free Shampoos

Paraben is a popular preservative used to prolong the life of a product. In combination with sulfate, paraben can impact your hair adversely. These chemicals have been quite a hot topic these days because of their critical drawbacks. Research shows that paraben is one of the major factors of breast cancer and hormonal imbalance. Therefore, to mitigate the impact of damage to your hair it is advisable to use an organic paraben and sulphate-free dandruff shampoo. Infusing the richness of nature, organic shampoos ensure good health and strength to your hair. They reduce split ends and hair loss so that you enjoy shiny hair for long. The biotique green apple shampoo is one of the well-known organic shampoos to treat dull hair.

2Onion Oil

When using onion oil, you’ll never have to worry about toxic ingredients. Onion is known for its effectiveness in treating hair fall and low hair growth. It is rich in antioxidants which help restore essential nutrients in your scalp to boost hair growth. Additionally, it can combat hair thinning, breakage, and split ends. With so many benefits, onion oil is an all-in-one solution for your stronger, longer, and healthier hair. To enjoy lasting hair shine while reducing hair oil opt for onion-based oil formulas.

3Argan Hair Serum

Argan is an age-old secret for soft and beautiful hair. This organic serum formulation helps combat dryness and dizziness. Packed with powerful antioxidants like vitamin E, argan has the potential to seal moisture in your hair strands. This leads to softening of your hair while reducing roughness. The benefits of organic argan hair serum are:

  • It reduces damage due to hairstyling and hair colouring.
  • It prevents drying and damage from the sun.
  • It improves scalp health.

4Yogurt Hair Mask

This multi-tasking organic hair mask is a powerful product for luscious and strong hair. Although it can address a number of issues, it is ideal for strengthening weak hair. Rich in zinc, protein, vitamin E, and lactic acid, a yogurt hair mask is beneficial for your hair in a myriad of ways.

  • Prevents cuticle damage.
  • Fights Frizziness.
  • Retains smoothness and sheen of hair.

Therefore, if you wish to improve the effectiveness of your hair, don’t skip buying these organic hair products.


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