The Future of LED Strip Lights for Home Décor


Light-emitting diodes abbreviated as LEDs have modernized the way we can enlighten and decorate our homes. Cost-effective and energy-saving tiny LED light bulbs can be attached with tape, metal stripes, or enclosed in plastic casing, which can be easily linked or placed with almost anything to create stunning, eye-catching results. Talking of the futuristic ideas of décor, LEDs strip lights can play an important part. LED strip lights still are playing an important role in the décor.

LED lights can be used in various ways for home décor. And talking about the coming future, the use of LED lights will increase a lot more than today. Certain futuristic home décor designs involve a lot of use of LED strip lights. A few examples with pictures are shown below.

Led strip light detailing in the ceiling cornice

The cornice of a ceiling nowadays is made so precisely. The designs and endings can be made to look catchier and craftier by adding light. A visual representation is as follows:

In the coming future, the LED lights usage will be made more advanced that will attract one’s eye for sure. When used with different styles in the ceiling or cornice of a ceiling, LED strip lights for the home give a more futuristic and dynamic look. A few visionary concepts of led usage in ceilings are shown:

LED strip lights connecting with stair rails

LED strips can be attached with stairs, below the railing, or beneath the tread. They not only look stylish and voguish, but they will also help a person by making it easier for him to navigate the stairs at night without awakening themselves up. By turning on luminous disturbing overhead lighting, they can be installed in a useful way. Long LED light strips can serve the best for this purpose.

Mirror Backlighting with LED Strip Lights.

The mirror pictures trend has created a lot of eminency towards using LED strips at the backside of the mirror. Backlighting a mirror with home-used LED strip lights creates an innovative glance and has left behind the use of those primitive large boring vanity bulbs. The soft glow produced by the backlighting of a mirror provides a very balanced light that is very pleasing to the eye.

LED strip lights usage in the mirror’s back also limits the sharp shadows and makes oneself look best in the mirror. LED strip lights usage on the backside of mirrors was a futuristic concept but is now no more futuristic; however, its use in different styles and its abundant usage is a visionary futuristic concept is what we can expect. Plus, a lot of people are attracted to this concept.

Motion Activated LED Strip Lights Used in Shelves

Usage of lights within shelves is an old school concept these days. But it is still very catchy somehow. It can help a person decorate his achievements, some traditional sculptures, or other decorative items. Moreover, while helping with decoration, the LED strip light also helps a person find a lost or misplaced item. People usually get tired of turning these lights on and off. A new modern concept is the use of motion-activated or sensing detectors LED strip lights, which will turn on and off with your gestures.

Motion sensor LED strip lights installed in cabinets, roof, and drawers’ surface.

Such LED strip lights, which are remotely controlled or responsive towards motion, are installed in certain cabinets and drawers. When one opens the cabinet, the LED strip lights automatically turn on and vice versa on closing. At the same time, similar is the case with the drawers. Such ultra-modern concepts are bringing a revolution in LED strip lights usage and attracting many people towards their stylish usage.

Use behind the screens and inside workstations setups.

LED strip lights are also being largely used behind computer LCD screens and with the workstations. They enhance the cool look of a setup and offset the brightness, therefore, act as a relief to the eye strains.

Decorating kitchens with LED strip lights

Contemporary kitchens are being decorated with led strip lights, and they create a very pleasant decorative sight.


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