What to Ask a Roofing Contractor before Hiring One?


Your roof has started leaking rain water of maybe its paint is scrapping off. You realize that it is time for you to replace your roof. Getting a roofing contractor is very easy. You can query on the internet and lists of roofing contractors come up. Filtering good roofing contractors in such a pool of information can be a problem so you will need a guide in order to find a good picture.

In this article, I am going to outline several questions you need to ask about your roofing contractor.These checks should lead you to hire a professional, qualified roofing contractor and also ensure that you get top notch service to your roof. If you live around Brisbane,you can always check on Gold Roofing Contractors for high quality roof repairs and servicing. Make sure that you discuss extensively with your roofing contractor before they start work in order to know what to expect from the replacement or repair service.

1. Is He Licensed?

Before handing a company or any roofing contractor a roof replacement contract, you should make the effort to know whether he/it is licensed. Working with a licensed roofing contractor gives you many assurances among them being quality work. If you reside in America, your roofing contractor should be licensed by the federal state. For those people out of the US, check whether the contractor is licensed by the relevant authority in your area. The internet should be a good resource for you during this time.

2. Will He Take Off the Roof or Not?

Ask your roofer whether they will shingle over the old roof or completely remove it for further inspection. Black hat roofers will just inspect your roof without looking beyond the shingles for soft spots. Insist on a detailed inspection in order to know what needs replacement. Shingling over the old roof without inspection will probably leave soft spots beneath which are going to cause you trouble in future if not fixed.

3. Will They Install Drip/Metal Edges?

Inquire whether your roofer will install drip or metal edges for your roof. Drip or metal edges are pieces of aluminum that are placed where the shingles come off the roof. These edges extend out and help direct runoff into your eaves trough to protect your deck from corrosion and wear. Metal edges are mandatory in a roof and their installation will prevent you from paying big bills later on due to the damage that water can cause to your roof deck. Some roofers will ignore installing these edges so you ought to ask them before the repair.

4. How Will the Eaves Trough Be Protected?

Working on a roof is very tricky since the roof is a fragile part of the house. You should therefore ensure that your roofer takes all the precaution before starting a repair job. Inquire in the different ways he will work on your roof without damaging any part especially the eaves trough. Does the roofer have enough and necessary tools to prevent damage to your roof and eaves trough? Ladder stabilizers and standoffs should be used to prevent your gutters from damage. Remember that if you do not check on this, you will probably end up paying for repair of your eaves trough or even worse. You wouldn’t want that would you?

5. What Is the Cost of Plywood Incase Per Sheet Incase Needed?

Roofing contractors normally do not mention additional charges when you are hiring them. They can discover that your plywood is rotten and it needs replacement. You should discuss the cost of plywood per sheet with the contractor prior to the repair. Many unscrupulous roofers will intentionally hike the costs of replacing a rotten deck when they are halfway the job. At this stage, you have no other options rather than agree to the charges as you wouldn’t want the job half done.

6. How Will I Communicate with The Roofer in Case of My Absence?

You may have a very tight schedule which means you might be away most of the times when the roofing repair will be done. Inquire whether there will be anyone onsite in case any clarification is needed. Many companies will send a supervisor alongside the roofer. Emergencies can happen and it is important to acquire a contact of the onsite person just in case anything happens. You should also make sure that the roofer has a permanent address where you can refer or lodge any complaint in case anything is not done to your satisfaction.

The above highlighted questions are meant to guide you when you are seeking to hire a good contractor. You should not compromise on any of the above. It is meant to provide you with a clear picture of what a good roofer should do therefore providing you with the best roofing service.


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