Maintenance of Commercial Roof


The biggest task of maintaining commercial roof is taking care of the gutters and drains by cleaning them on a regular basis. Fall season is one of the seasons that increases the number of responsibilities of taking care of the house as leaves starting felling and fill the gutters with debris. It is the reason there are three steps that a house owner should focus more. It is the inspection of the facility roof, periodic maintenance of its performance and arrangement of vital repairs. These steps are necessary as the coming season will be winter season that brings more challenges than our imagination. Snow fall completely clog the gutter and there appears no way to repair in heavy snowy season. We are going to focus on the debris that can by highly damaging for the roof.

Unintended Consequences of Debris

Debris can build up without ringing the bell of your house’s door. Yes, only little moisture and the leaves of the trees that do not weight much can become soggy and heavy for the gutters. These elements invite different kinds of mold and mildew in the gutter and block scuppers. If the people living in the house will not promptly remove debris then it can turn to backed-up water that increases the load on the deck of the roof. It is true because only 1 inch of deep standing water can add 5 pounds load on the assembly of the roof. It can leak the pliable properties of the roof single-ply membrane and reduce the overall flexibility of the roof. The condition of the roof gets more critical in winter season as the water freezes because of the high temperature and puts more load on the membrane. It leads to more cracks under the flashing of the roof and people can see a visible structural damage. The only option is the expensive repairs and roof collapse.

Reducing Risk through Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance play important role I maintaining the structure of your roof. It is necessary to select the professional maintenance crew who is enough trained to search for leaves, debris and scuppers. The team can check the condition of the gutters and remove debris in the fall season for reducing the chances of build-up. There are two kind of areas, one that have standing water can show blocked drains and other partially blocked drains that permits complete flow of water. If you see that there is no standing water on the roof then it does not mean that there is no drainage problem on your roof. If the surface of the roof has turned stained then it shows that your roof has become a pond which is another red flag that you have to pay attention. You can contact the nearby roofing contractors Brownstown Michigan who are trained in inspecting the roof in fall season and preparing it for winters.

Importance of Professional Inspection

You may ask that why do you need to hire a professional contractor than doing a DIY project. It is important to understand that roof become slippery in fall season as it also rains in this season. The roof can be a dangerous place to practice adventure so we recommend you to contact the person who is has the abilities and skills with right qualification as he can take care of the safety of both his life and roof. You must extend the life of the roof by selecting preventive maintenance over damage of the roof. We recommend you to give a nice shape to your roof by trying some new products available in the market.


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