How to Declutter Your Home


If you are like most people, then you must have some junk lying around the house. No matter how useful you think this stuff is, you can always benefit from decluttering your home. According to experts, people with a lot of junk tend to feel as if their lives are out of control.

Here are some tips that will come in handy when decluttering your house:

Set Goals

Before you even start, you should make a plan. Starting with some specific goals will reduce your frustration as you get rid of junk. Write down all the areas that you need to declutter and grade each one according to the severity of clutter. You also need to set completion dates to avoid spending an eternity decluttering.

Create a Sorting System

As you move through the rooms of your house, you should have a sorting system for the things that you will find. One of the most popular organization tips you can use is the ‘three box method’. In this sorting system, you will make decisions from one item to the next to avoid making a big mess of things. Label three boxes with ‘toss’, ‘keep’, and ‘store’ then organize your items into each of the boxes.

Get Rid of the Junk

Where will the junk go once you remove it? You should contact a removal company such as to help you deal with the clutter. You can also do the following:

Have a garage sale – you can make some money off your clutter when you have a garage sale. Check whether there is a designated date for garage sales in your area of residence before setting up one. Make sure that you allow enough time for decluttering before the garage sale date.

Recycle – recyclable paper, plastics, and glass should go straight into the recycle bin. However, if you do not have a curbside pickup, you should take this junk to the nearest drop location for recycling waste. You can also recycle your old electronics instead of tossing them. Moreover, you can turn old appliances into cash.

Rent a dumpster – this stress-free option is quite affordable. You should rent a dumpster if you are throwing large household items or have many things to throw away. You can find a company to drive the dumpster to your house, fill it up, and take it away.

Donate – you should consider giving away the things that you no longer need but can be useful to other people. Shoes, household items, and clothes that are still in good condition can be donated to local charities.

Tips for Decluttering

Think of the last time you used it – if you have not used an item in the last six months, it needs to go. If you have been wondering where the item was but never bothered to look for it, it also needs to go.

Get over sunk costs – costs that you cannot recover once incurred are known as sunk costs. You should consider most of the clutter as sunk costs unless you can sell it at a reduced price. Your decisions will be more rational once you understand the concept of sunk costs.

Sleep on it – once you decide to throw away some items, you should sleep on that decision. If you feel different about some of the items in the morning, you can keep them.


If you are thinking about decluttering your house, the above tips will come in handy. You should only keep what you cannot live without and eliminate the rest. A decluttered house will make you feel relaxed and reduce your stress levels.


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