Tips to Overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


After a traumatic incident like an accident or a personal loss, it’s very common to feel anxious, depressed, and sad. However, if these feelings stay for longer periods, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Any event that happens out of the blue that overwhelms you with feelings of helplessness and pain can trigger the disorder. This disease mostly makes you anxious and fear for your safety.

For men, military combats and wars are the most common reasons for the trauma. For women, any sexual abuse or any type of violence can lead to this trauma. However, personal loss and accidents are common triggers for both men and women. The most common symptoms include some flashbacks of the traumatic event which can lead to sleeplessness. But with professional guidance and support, you can overcome this problem. Health professionals mostly use an injection called Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD, this helps to reboot the sympathetic nervous system to regain its original state and feel normal.

Along with professional guidance, you can make simple lifestyle changes and follow certain daily practices which can help you get through this trauma very quickly. So, now let’s look at a few ways to overcome PTSD.


Practicing meditation on a daily basis for around 15 to 20 minutes can help you relax your mind and make you calmer. Research has shown that mindful meditation has many benefits for people dealing with mental health issues. This practice involves being present at the moment and avoiding unnecessary thoughts which spoil your state of mind. Initially, it will be hard to keep your mind off of traumatic thoughts, but as you practice regularly, you can attain a sense of control through meditation.

2Some physical activity

Many health professionals suggest that finding enjoyable physical activity helped them cope up with the stress easily. Physical activity not only makes you fitter physically but also helps your mind divert the focus on the activity. Diverting your mind on happy activities and things is all you need to overcome PTSD. Find any physical activity like weight training, yoga, and Zumba, etc, sports can also be a great option. But ensure you do it with low to moderate intensity initially until you slowly recover.

3Social support

You should have a supportive family and friends around you to make you feel positive and in the moment. Having someone whom you can trust and share your emotions can be helpful to pass through stressful and traumatic situations. However, simply talking to the people around you alone will not help, they might need to be under professional guidance to understand how to deal with the patient in the most stressed out situations.

4Own pets

The other approach that’s been most popular to deal with stress is to adopt a pet. Pets, especially those who are trained to recognize the onset of such symptoms, can definitely help. A harmless and selfless pet can bring you out of depression and anxiety. You can adopt any pet that you are most fond of and comfortable with.

5Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Apart from meditation and physical activity, you should also maintain a clean and healthy diet. Have nutritious foods throughout the day that keeps you healthy and active. Research shows that omega-3 plays a big role in emotional wellness, so have foods that are rich in omega-3 like egg yolk, walnuts, and flaxseeds, etc. Limit any junk and outside food which is not healthy. Alcohol consumption and smoking should also be avoided completely.

Sleep deprivation can cause irritation and anger, so sleep around 7 to 9 hours per day. Watch a fun tv show or listen to happy and soothing music before you go to bed.


Post-traumatic stress can be hard and painful to deal with. But with professional guidance and lifestyle changes, you can slowly regain your original self. So, be patient and consistent with your treatment to see a positive change with time. Overcoming PTSD is like overcoming any other illness or injury, it is a gradual process that demands patience and consistent effort.


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