The Real Reasons for Your Hair Fall


Nothing is more horrifying than watching your hair falling out. Losing hair is nothing but losing confidence. Beautiful hair can make someone look exceptionally attractive, but it also demands extra attention. The reason for excessive loss of tresses can be attributed to genetics or health conditions such as hormonal changes. However, it is ignorance most of the times. This uninvited problem of hair loss can affect the emotional well-being of a person. People run to take hair loss treatment to gain their confidence back.

So before you reach for the last resort, understand the reasons that cause hair loss.

Dirty scalp

One of the primary causes of hair fall is ‘blocked pores’. Therefore, it is extremely important to cleanse your scalp regularly. Accumulated dirt, pollution or sweat stimulates bacterial infection and are a reason of hair fall. Also, do not tie hair, when wet. Let them dry completely so that the moisture does not weaken the hair roots.

Harsh Shampoo

The cleansing agent present in most of the shampoos is harsh for the scalp skin and can be a cause of falling strands. Chemicals such as paraben and sulfate in the shampoos can damage the roots, if your hair is weak or damaged, use a baby shampoo or a medicated shampoo as your hair loss and re-grow treatment.

Poor Diet

Poor nutrition is one of the major causes of hair loss, which results in thinning of hair all over the scalp. Lack of required minerals, vitamins in your diet will keep your hair unhealthy.  If you don’t get enough of Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid along with protein, keeping your hair thick and strong is nearly impossible.


Lack of exercise can lead to hair fall. Excessive exercise can also be a reason for shedding strands. Therefore, it is very important to exercise. Adequate exercise boosts blood circulation and makes your main strong.

Lack of Sleep

Sound sleep is important for the strength of the hair. The head feels relaxed while sleeping. Uninterrupted sleep of a minimum of 6 hours every day is essential for hair re-growth.


Stress can lead to numerous conditions which cause hair loss. It creates a vicious circle. A person gets more stressed due to hair fall, eventually resulting in even more hair loss.


Sometimes genetic factors such as male or female family patterns of baldness can play a role in hair loss. This condition is beyond control. However, some hair loss and re-grow treatments are known for overcoming the genetic patterns as well.

Hormonal imbalance

Your hormones are prone to fluctuation in the forties and it is natural, but a drastic drop or rise in hormones can lead to hair loss. Thyroid, autoimmune diseases, anemia, and other hormone issues could be one of the causes of loss of hair. So, it is essential to get regular health checkups done.

Though the causes may be numerous, thanks to some hair loss treatments, curing hair fall is not a dream anymore.


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