What Should You Do After Being In A Semi-Truck Accident


A semi-truck is a hauling cab/engine that pulls a large trailer. When these monsters get out of control, they bring havoc before they come to rest. A semi-truck can literally drag for miles even after the engine is killed. The damages can range from- damage to road infrastructure to life loss. Considering how dangerous these road giants can be, there are special laws for semi-trucks and safety regarding them.

The consequential outcomes of road accidents involving semi-trucks can broadly be identified under three tags:

  1. Personal injury
  2. Property Damage
  3. Wrongful Death

Whenever somebody gets injured in an accident that involves a semi-truck, they are liable to receive compensation for their injuries. These claims are validated by the state authorities and the statute of claim to ascertain the relief from the suffering and loss. Similarly, any damage to belongings or property can also be compensated for. So, what are the legal formalities to claim such compensations? Here are a few tips:

Get An Attorney To Represent You

The first step to ease your claim process would be to hire an attorney. There are lawyers who specialize in semi-truck accidents. These professionals will help you in making the right decision. In most of the cases, the third party insurance or the liability insurance of the truck-driver or their employer has to compensate for whatever the losses and sufferings are. In such a case, an attorney can help you negotiate the amount you should be compensated for considering your suffering, your medical bills, your loss, your repair costs, and your mental and physical stress. An attorney can not only help you negotiate but also prove to be helpful if there is a need to file a lawsuit.

Discover Your Case

Before your attorney could help you with estimating your compensatory amount, they need to know a few details of your case. During this process, they may ask you, how did the accident occur? Who else was involved or injured in the accident? What are the losses you incurred due to the accident? Answering these simple questions can help your lawyer to estimate the right compensatory relief that you should receive. The article Truck Accidents from Ernst Law Group explains that even if you do not have personal injuries after an accident with a semi truck, you are still entitled to file a property damage claim. So, never underestimate your losses and suffering. Do not go for the first offer for settlement. A lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company to cover the maximum, if not all, of your expenses due to the accident.

Seek Alternatives To Suit

In most of the cases, the defendant and the plaintiff come to settlement terms outside the court. It is not necessary to make a claim in the court only. There are alternatives to fighting a suit in the court. Most of the individuals and the liable party try to solve their conflicts without having to go to court. This is because courtroom proceedings could be time consuming and tiresome. If you cannot come to a mutual agreement on the settlement offered, your lawyer can help you negotiate your claim, considering what all you have to suffer due to the accident in long term. Your attorney would suggest that seeking an out of court solution is always better than running into trials before the law.

File A Suit

Unless you cannot come to a mutual agreement regarding the compensation offered to you, you can always file a suit. Also, you can call off the court proceedings at any time you find the offer satisfactory. Filing a suit can involve discovery of your case, investigation, pre-trials, and motions in the court of law. An experienced lawyer can guide you through these steps. They can investigate your case for you, only to make your case stronger. They can search for legitimate witness and other pieces of evidence that can help assure the ruling in your favor. Having said that, don’t forget the paperwork when filing a lawsuit could be confusing for the average individual. An attorney who is accustomed to the courtroom proceedings and the formalities can help you file all the papers in necessary order and save you the pain.

Semi-trucks, as already mentioned, are monsters that can wreak havoc when in an accident. Their huge size can damage way more than what usually would be a fender-bender if a passenger vehicle is involved. That is why it is best to hire an attorney to receive the best compensation for your losses and sufferings when a semi-truck is involved in an accident.


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