Advantages of Using Online Proctoring Tools


In the present time, online proctoring tools are becoming very much popular, especially in the education field. With the arrival of 2016, these tools have also become a part of the mainstream for eduventures.

These proctoring tools make use of machine learning technology and algorithms that can help prevent in-classroom cheating. The technology can be used at the time of online assessment. The technology is used to study the behavior pattern of the candidate appearing for online assessment. Online proctored exam make use of these tools for conducting an assessment for students.

The tool also makes use of a very secure browser where teachers have the flexibility to track students’ behavior and access to web materials for students at the time of assessment. They can regulate the web pages accessed by students for collecting information.

Proctored tools also offer teachers with the convenience of eliminating geographical barriers as students are able to take assessment from any global locations. This prevents the need for students to travel to the examination centers.

Making use of this technology, educators can now raise the bar for the students. This will, in turn, offer students with much better education opportunities. So any institution that is making use of this technology can now expand their reach within the global platforms for conducting exams.

Apart from regulating classroom cheating and accessibility, there are a number of other benefits offered by proctoring. Some additional key features are mentioned here.

Convenience of access

The moment this tool is blended with education platforms, it will provide students and instructors with the convenience of accessing exams with a single click.  To use the services, students only need to log in to the web portal and then access the proctoring tool.

Instructors also have the convenience as they may not need to feed in any data related to student information. All data will be extracted directly by the proctoring tool software. This will help save time for instructors from preparing spread sheet.


Making use of online proctoring tools, instructors can also offer with lessons to students suffering from a disability. These students may not have to travel to the exam centre for giving the exam. They can be a part of it from their home itself.

Verification process

The moment any student wants to take benefit of proctoring tools he or she may have to provide with their valid verification. A digital profile is prepared using webcam technology for maintaining biometric information. Some additional features may include facial recognition and voice match. This offers the convenience to instructors as it becomes easy for them to verify each student.

Learning behavior

The moment any student is appearing for the assessment, his session is recorded live. This provides the instructor with convenience to supervise the student’s behaviour. The software will also prepare a very comprehensive report for each session. This helps in studying the pattern of testing for students and identifying the problematic area.

Human proctors reviews

There are a number of tools that also provide with human proctoring. There are supervisors who provide with their reviews about the assessment session. This ensures that no errors are made when taking decision for any assessment.


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