How to Choose the Right Drawer Slide for Your Cabinet?


The device which is needed to pull out from the furniture is known as drawer slide. Conventional slides are usually made out of wooden furniture & it needs paraffin wax to create lubrication for proper functioning. In modern days, drawers are implemented using metal or plastic slides. Selecting the suitable drawer slides is quite important.

Different Types of Drawer Mounting Options That are Available

There are five types of mounting options provided today. The amount of spacing found inside the drawer cabinet, visibility, cost and weight holding capacities usually determine the drawer slides type which people usually select. 

Bottom-Mount Drawer Slides

  • In the bottom-mount drawer slides, the slides are attached to the bottom right and left-hand sides of the drawer box.
  • The bottom mount has an angle flange which massively supports the drawer box that also has the advantage of indexing the side for quicker and easier installation
  • These are normally considered to be roller-guided drawer slide rather than ball bearings. The most common type is partial extension; however, it is also available in terms of full extension.
  • These types are commonly designed for frameless cabinets, but in some cases, they are also used and adapted for face-frame cabinets.

Side-Mount Drawer Slides

  • For side mount slides, the slides itself attach horizontally to the cabinet body and drawer. These types of slides are widely used across a variety of applications due to its durability and weight-bearing capacities.
  • Side-mount slides are found with either roller mechanism or ball-bearing. They have little deflection and increased durability because of their load-bearing capability.
  • The required clearance of the side-mount slides is around half an inch between the drawer slides & the sides of the cabinet opening. The only drawback of these types of slides is that they are only suitable for the horizontal drawer width. If the horizontal width is your main concern, then you might get an under-mount slide with highly comparable features.

Center-Mount Drawer Slides

  • These slides arrive with single slides which mount straightly below the center of the drawer.
  • The center-mount slides will limit the drawer height & you need to consider for your cabinet size. One benefit of this drawer slide is that they are extremely easy to install. Moreover, most of the center-mount slides hold lesser weight compared to the side mount alternatives. 

Undermount Drawer Slides

  • Undermount slides are highly preferable when you wish to highlight the cabinetry quality because these slides are not extremely visible.
  • Undermount slides tend the mount to the cabinet sides & connect with the locking devices which are connected to the underside of the drawer body placed inside the cabinet.
  • Undermount slides are suitable when horizontal spacing is restricted because they generally require 3/16’’ or 1.4’’ of spacing per slide. The other thing to consider about undermount slides is that they need half inch clearance above & below the drawer in the cabinet opening.

Groove-Mount Drawer Slides

  • This kind of drawer slide is not commonly used. But it is commonly viewed on the furniture which is imported from Europe.
  • These slides mount into the groove-milled into the side of drawer box & are generally recognized by means of groove height. The groove heights commonly range from 17mm to 27mm.

Thus, it is vital for the user to consider the ideal length of drawer slides and extension while preferring for the right one. Because drawer slides are worth to invest by knowing the exact configuration so that you can enjoy for a longer period, but you have to hire drawer slides from best manufacturer.


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