Preparing Yourself for University After Schoolies 2020


From every corner of Australia, Schoolies is one of the most anticipated times every Aussie student is looking forward to. This three-week celebration that usually takes place after graduation starts in Mid-November and is the perfect way for Year 12 school level students to bid goodbye to their high school lives finally.

For the Schoolies 2020, whether you spend it camping at home or prefer to hang out with your friends at the Gold Coast, the ultimate goal here is for you to have fun, relax, and enjoy. As you think about your upcoming Schoolies 2020, have you considered thinking about your next move? Below are some things you might want to think about doing after Schoolies while waiting for university to start.

Learn something new

One of the most practical skills that will come in handy when you’re in university is cooking. As you wait for the coming school year, why not learn how to cook other than the usual 2-minute noodles? Of course, there is nothing wrong with stashing noodles in your cupboard for a quick fix. But it won’t hurt if you start expanding your culinary skills that include the use of other appliances other than your ever-reliable kettle and microwave. You must know how to balance out your go-to-snacks when in college. Junk foods will always be an easy fix, but when you learn how to cook, at least you can come up with reasonably healthy snacks.

Look for a summer job

Unless you are born stuck with a silver spoon in your mouth, the words ‘student’ and ‘rich’ will never go hand in hand. If you are moving away from home to go to university, and you plan on staying at on-campus residences, then you need some money to help you with that. After your Schoolies 2020 week, try looking for a job. Your summer break should be an excellent time for you to work and save money for your incoming school year. Plus, your work experience from the summer break, whether it is in line with your chosen field or not, will look good on your resume, too.

Start scouting for accommodations

This is applicable if you prefer to leave home to study for university. If you opt to go to a school that’s a few cities away from you, you need to start looking for your accommodation. Your free time during the summer break is a great way to begin your house-hunting. Usually, students stay at college on-campus. Others rent a room or share a house.

Still, some students prefer staying in college accommodations even if they live within the area of the university because it gives them that feeling of independence. Although staying home is the cheapest option and can save you a lot, everything still boils down to your choice.

If you are not sure, talk and ask students presently staying in on-campus accommodations so you can get some insight into what it is really like.

Ask for insights

This is very crucial, especially if you’re thinking about moving out of your home away from your friends and family. Talk to somebody who is in the same position. Ask them about the dos and don’ts of university life. When you have an idea about what goes in with college, at least you know how to prepare yourself at university.

Schoolies 2020 is a perfect way to end your high school life. But let this be an awakening call that university life is just a few steps away, something that you should prepare for.


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